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dani ortiz

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Valencia

The latin Word “Valentia” means brave. This name was given to our city because in the 140 b.C. the roman Junius Bauturs sent some brave soldiers here and in this way the city was founded.
Valencia was built on Turia´s river bank. In 1957 there was a big flood. Because of that, we altered the path of the river and now there´s a big garden where people can practice sports, walk, play or just spend their free time. In the last years the city has become a quite modern city. The economy is mainly based on the production of oranges and rice. Moreover our economy also depends on tourism. Our school is located in La Cañada, a residential area in Paterna. Paterna is a town 5 km far from Valencia. Our school is different due to the fact that we try to learn in a friendlier and more relaxed way. Furthermore , special ed. students coexist with us and we take part in many school decisions. (cole) Our local festivity is called “Fallas”. The “Fallas” are large statues made basically of Wood, paper maché and cork. After four days set up in the streets, they are burnt down. To finish, as we are Mediterranean people, we love fire and we´d like to show it to you. Years after, the arabs arrived and built some important monuments.
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