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The Evolution of Disney Princesses

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zoe brenneke

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of Disney Princesses

The Evolution of Disney Princesses
First Generation Disney Princesses
Second Generation Disney Princesses
Third Generation Disney Princesses
Natural Selection explains how evolution happened
More organisms are produced than can survive because of limited resources.

Organisms struggle for the necessities of life; there is competition for resources.

Individuals within a population vary in their traits; some of these traits are heritable -- passed on to offspring.
Darwin's Theory of Evolution
Evolution is defined as the slow change in the characteristics of a species over time. '

Evolution is used to understand the diversity of life, and is also the theory that organisms with less favorable traits are less likely to survive and pass on traits to the next generation
Snow White
First Disney princess, first generation
Timid and naïve
Downfall by her own ignorance- poisoned by apple
Reflective of the many subservient women in the 1930s
Rescued by prince in the end

Second Disney princess, first generation
Took a risk sneaking out
Demonstrates slight defiance, holds on to hope, remains kind
Saved by prince in the end

Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)
Last princess of first generation
Brought slight change in storyline
Continues Cinderellas defiance, but remains passive overall
Careless- touched spindle
Does nothing to get the prince
Ultimate example of passivity
Saved by prince and three good fairies in the end

First princess, second generation
First to openly show rebellion
Defied her father- challenged male authority
Representative of the growing empowerment of the women of the time
Careless making deal with Ursula
Even though her prince ultimately saved her, she plays a much larger role in her own story

Second princess second generation
Well educated
Continues open rebellion of Ariel though now toward society
Challenged male authority- turned down Gaston
First princess not to fall in love with her prince instantaneously
Changed the man physically and emotionally
First princess to save her prince in the end rather than the other way around
Last princess in second generation
First ethnic princess- Arabic
Challenges her birthright by marrying a commoner

First princess third generation
African American
First princess with a career path
Very independent
Works hard for her dreams with little outside help
Hardworking and ambitious
Saves prince in the end

Second princess third generation
Extremely adventurous
Continues rebellious streak in pursuit of her dreams
Fights along side love interest Flynn
Ends up saving Flynn (the man) in the end

Third princess, third generation
First princess to have no male counterpart
More realistic proportions and looks
Challenged typical princess stereotypes

Each princess brings own 'lessons and dreams' to the table
Each has gained more character depth and independence over the years
Divided into three generations based on release dates and characteristics

Princess Evolution
Some variants are better adapted to survive and reproduce under local conditions than others.

Better-adapted individuals are more likely to survive and reproduce, thereby passing on copies of their genes to the next generation.

Species whose individuals are best adapted survive; others become extinct.
"Individuals in a population vary in their traits, some of these traits are passed on"

From Generation to generation, the princesses slowly evolved to mirror societies changes, dropping off the less favorable qualities
Natural Selection
How the Princesses evolved
Good qualities were passed on:
Caring, loving, kind
Bad qualities' were dropped off:
Passiveness, dependence on others
Even the physical features of the princesses evolved to become more realistic

The princesses changed over time, gradually with each generation

Subservient, passive, timid, careless, saved by prince
First show of rebellion by Cinderella sneaking out of her house
1st Generation
Rebellious and careless streak passed on
Adapted to become more independent and more knowledgeable
First ethnic princess
Second Generation
Most independent generation
Princesses are still caring, loving, and kind, but no longer passive or timid
Adapted to be free of a male counterpart
Rebellious streak shown through their love of adventure and drive for success
Third Generation
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