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Antigone's Family Tree

No description

Laura Kraner

on 22 May 2015

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Transcript of Antigone's Family Tree

Antigone's Family Tree
Antigone is both the daughter and the sister of Oedipus (since he married his own mother). Now that Oedipus and his brothers are dead, Antigone and Ismene are the last of the Labdacus family. After her father went into exile, Antigone and her sister were raised in the house of Creon. Her brothers Polyneices and Eteocles were casualties in a brutal war for power, each brother dying by the other's hand.
Antigone's last surviving sibling, Ismene is the foil for her stronger sister. In comparison to Antigone she has almost no agency, primarily because she is utterly terrified of disobeying men in power. She does not believe that women should ever violate the laws of men, since they are stronger and deserve subservience. Ismene does not help to bury Polyneices, but tries to claim responsibility for the burial later so that she can die with Antigone. Antigone refuses her help and Ismene is spared. This reflects both her great love for her family and her place as a symbol of the status quo who is rewarded for remembering her place.
Theban King
unknowingly killed his father and married his mother Jocasta
** Enlisted in opposite armies and both were killed
The second dead brother. He defended Thebes and is feted as a hero after his death, but Creon knows that he was just as ready to sell out to the highest bidder as Polynices was.
The first dead brother. He and Eteocles kill each other in single combat over the fate of the city of Thebes. He is the traitor so as punishment, Creon declares that he is to be left unburied, but of course Antigone takes it into her head that she must. It's established pretty quickly that despite what Antigone says, he's kind of a terrible person. will Eteocles prove any different?
: http://zelalalah.blogspot.com/
Creon has declared that Eteocles will be honored with burial since he was a defender of Thebes, while Polyneices' body is left to the vultures and dogs. It is this edict that drives Antigone to defy the state, since she believes her brother Polyneices deserves the same treatment as Eteocles.
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