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It's All About You

Problem Solving Ways To Make You Feel Better Enjoying Your Atmosphere

Linde Richmond

on 29 March 2010

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Transcript of It's All About You

It's All About
YOU Pick a sound or object to be your Xanax. Say: "I am good enough." Take it one minute at a time. Pay attention to your breath.

Another easy exercise to ground yourself in the moment and manage anxiety is to concentrate on your breath–and move it ever so gradually from your chest to your diaphragm–because the extra oxygen will send a message to your prefrontal cortex that every thing is just fine even though the fear center of the brain (the amygdala) doesn’t think so at all. Learn from it.

Anxiety doesn’t have to be triggered by an event, but it certainly can motion some adjustment that you need to make in your life. Your anxiety says, I am doing too much, once again. What adjustments do you need to make? Bite off less. Because You can’t do it all. Avoiding the Angry Reply Compose your reply offline.

You’re allowed to be angry — anger is a basic human emotion that needs expression as much as any other emotion. Trying to stifle it or push it back down isn’t going to work for most people. Instead, give your anger expression, but do so offline first. Wait 24 hours.

Yes, this is the impossible part. But this step is also the most important, because it gives you a chance to sleep on it. “But wait!” you say, “I don’t want to sleep on it! I’m angry right now and I want them to feel the wrath of my words!!” 5 Simple Exercises for Managing Anxiety Relax.

When we’re angry, we’re reacting often purely from our emotions, and our cognitive side takes a time-out. This can blind us to reality or things we are overlooking. While this may feel good in the moment, it may not be beneficial for our long-term needs. Indeed, angry email replies have resulted in people getting fired. Consider dropping it altogether.

At this point, it’s a good time to consider what is usually the best solution — no reply at all. Sometimes we feel like we have to reply, or the other side has “won.” But what have they really won? Some pretty meaningless argument or what-not that you won’t remember 2 weeks from now? 3 Ways We Can Control Our Moods Prevention Prevention is the set of skills that have to do with how you maintain positive momentum and redirect negative momentum. It includes things like: self maintenance (what you do to take care of yourself), knowing high risk situations and warning signs (being able to “see it coming”), and cues (knowing exactly what you do that tells you exactly how you are doing- for ex. on the manic scale an 8 means what?). Finally it means those plans that you are going to follow once you “see it coming.” Prevention means becoming an expert on yourself with some degree of efficiency and expertise. Coping Coping is what you do when you know “its here.” It means limiting the damage and beginning the process of positive momentum. A lot of coping is tied up with how you process your experience and the plans you have for support when you can no longer trust the way you process your experience. Learning It means knowing that because something “feels so” doesn’t make it so. It means having a sounding board- whether it is a script or series of statements you do or another person you can trust- that helps to clarify reality when it doesn’t seem so clear. It is trying so hard not to leap and find yourself dealing with consequences of your mood that you really don’t want to see happen.
Learning has to do with how you view the “finished product” and what you learn that you can use next time. It means seeing mistakes and also seeing successes. It means viewing your experience not just as a source of deprivation, but as a possible opportunity to learn more about life. Leave emotion out of any reply.

Emotions are best communicated in-person, face-to-face. Online, it’s easy to misunderstand and misread the intent of a message. Humor can mistakenly be taken seriously, and something meant sarcastically might be completely misunderstood. If you must reply, keep it short and on-topic.

Resist the urge to get in a little dig, and stick to replying to the facts. Replying to an emotional diatribe with a short, basic response that covers the facts or primary topic speaks far more loudly than 1,000 word rant. It demonstrates your maturity, mindfulness, and ability to rise above the fray. What is our biggest obstacle in life? STRESS What can I do to deal with some of the pressures of stress? What is one of the most common sign or symptom of stress? Who can create this stress at work? Co-workers Anxiety First, you must breathe.
Second, Get away from the situation.
Take a break.
Third, and very important, if you are going to go talk with someone, do not talk about the problem. Talk about something positive in your life for the entire 15 minutes. The idea is get away from what is causing the stress.
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