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colonization of Africa

No description

Aviel Sabbag

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of colonization of Africa

Why did Europeans want to colonize Africa? The Europeans travel to Africa to colonize it. EUROPE Europeans wanted to colonize Africa for 3 main reasons.
Profit from resources
Power Diamonds and rubber trees were only some of the resources that the Europeans wanted from Africa. The Europeans used the amount of colonies that you had as a measure of power. Africa Berlin, Germany The Berlin Conference The Berlin Conference began in 1884, and it ended in 1885. Otto Van Bismark, the Chancellor of Germany, was the one who called together this conference. Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain were the countries in the Berlin conference that received territories. The purpose of the Berlin Conference was to peacefully split Africa into colonies. Some specific rules to the Berlin Conference were that to have a colony you must occupy it first, and you have to let all ships go through rivers in your territory. COLONIZATION OF AFRICA Effects of Colonization on Africa. Effects of Colonization of Africa in Europe Reflection Questions
By Aviel Sabbag I learned about how the colonization of Africa changed its economic development drastically. This process was positive because we, the students, got to use our creativity more. Next time I would like to try to make a poster of the colonization of Africa. Doing a project is better than doing regular schoolwork for me, because I am a Kinesthetic learner. Most of the effects in Europe were positive. One effect is that Europeans became more wealthy from African resources. Another was that Europeans did not have to work as hard as the Africans, but they got more income. Many, if not all, effects of colonization in Africa were negative. They worked very hard for extremely low wages. Another effect was that many of the previous belief systems were downgraded. Also, rival tribes were forced to live in the same colonies, which caused much violence. Finally, many Africans were forced to assimilate to European cultures.
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