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My Favorite Hobbies

No description

Direct English

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of My Favorite Hobbies

My Favorite Hobbies
Grammar Review
-Check the next grammar review to reenforce the grammar tense you have learned so far.
Grammar Practice
Solve the following items on your notebook and then double check with your coach and mates.
My Favorite Hobbies
Possible Job Interview Questions.
Role Play
Make couples, select one role and act it out. include at least 5 different products.

Game of Verbs.
Let´s Get started.
Let´s start with the class practicing with this activity, Apply all English basics to sound great.
Ask to your partner the body parts, practice one time each other.
What is This?
1. I ____ a doctor.
a) is
b) am
c) are
2. She ___ my friend
a) am
b) are
c) is
3. We ___ co-workers
a) is
b) are
c) am

-Ellos son mis padres.
-Ustedes son mis mejores amigos
In this lesson students will be able to:
-Talk about your favorite hobbies.
- Describe your favorite hobbies.
- Learn new vocabulary related to hobbies.
What are your hobbies?
My Hobbies are:
-Playing Video games
- Singing
- Playing soccer
- Reading books
- Watching movies.
Well, Let me tell you that my hobbies are listening to music, playing soccer on weekends and watching movies in the movie theater.
Tell me about yourself

Hello my name is ____
I´m ____ years old.
I live in ____
I work at ____
I study at ____
My favorite color is ___
Nice to meet you!.
Make couples and Practice 5 times each activity with the person next to you.
Possible recruiter questions.
- Tell me about yourself.
-Can you tell me a little bit about yourself?
- Describe yourself.
-Do you study?
-Do you work?
-Introduce yourself
-What are your hobbies.
A) Go to walmart and ask for prices of different products. (You are the customer).

B) Give Information about the prices of each product. (You are the cashier).

a)Hey good morning
What is the price of this juice?
b)The price is $2.00
a)Thank you i will take it.
b) You are welcome.
-The Objective of this activity is, Students practice verbs and start memorizing all verbs in past.
1. Devide the class in two groups each group has to write a list of 10 verbs.
2. Each group will select a representative who will DO mimics of the the other group´s verbs list and act them out.
3. The rest of the group has to guess the verb and give a sentence using Simple past,. If the verb is correct they will receive a point.

The Alphabet
Practice the correct pronunciation of each letter from the alphabet and then SPELL your mother´s/ father´s first and last name to your partner.
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