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Drinks& Drawz

No description

Elyssa Cotto

on 7 May 2015

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Transcript of Drinks& Drawz

Drinks & Drawz


What is Drinks& Drawz?
- Laundromat& Coffee Bar
- Hilarious and Cathy
- Its a mundane thing!
- Laundry + Fun
- Sole Proprietor
- Service/ Entertainment
Identifying my customers
- We do not have specific customers we are looking for. Anyone who can do their laundry and is looking for a good time,can come. For the wine, or course only adults can have the privilege or purchasing it. But other than that all ages are permitted and families are welcomed. Anyone who’s willing to pay to do their laundry at Drinks & Drawz is welcome, but based on the neighborhood I guess you can say that my business will mostly attract customers who live in apartments and is inthe middle class.
- Benefits that the customers will receive.
- Be able to relax, have fun and get their laundry done. -
- Customers will also get to have the opportunity to mingle and meet new people.
Cost of Business
Services/ Whats on the menu?
Located at 51 Bruckner Blvd, Bronx, Ny 10454.
- 111- 345- 6789
- Already in use
- Trendy & up and coming neighborhood
- Below apartments
- Meet up Spot!
Sun- wed 7:00 – 9:00
Thur – 7:00- 12:00
Fri- 7:00- 12:00

Description of Competition
- Thought I was the only one! :(
- Hells Kitchen
- San Francisco
- Karaoke and wash and wine nights! YAY!
Sun – Wed – is your regular everyday bar with pastries, Coffee, tea’s
Thur – Fri Wash & Wine
Fri – Sat – Wash& Sing
Sunday through Wednesday you have your everyday Coffee, and Tea's and all the things that our bar sells except the Wine.
Thursday’s and Friday’s we do have a wine and wash day. Wine will be allowed to be purchased on those days starting from 7:00pm – 12:00.
- On Fridays and Saturdays we have wash and sing. Which starts at 5:00- 12:00, and must sign their name on a sheet, the name of the song, and the artist, than give that to the DJ.

- Small washing machine $3.50
- Medium washing machine $4.50
- Large washing machine $ 5:50
- Dryers 25 cents per 6 min
- Regular Coffee $2.00
- Mocha Coffee $2.50
- Latte $3.50
- Cappuccino $4.00
- Extra shot $1.75
- Espresso shot $ 2.25
- Hot chocolate $2.00
- Herbal teas $2.00
- Chai tea $2.25
- Freshly squeezed juices $3.00
- Crossaint $2.00
- Scones $2.00
- Cookies $1.25
- Cheese cake $4.00
- Why a Laundromat?
One Moment Please! :)
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