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Being Creative

Presentation for RAs on being creative with programming

Rachel Butts

on 28 June 2013

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Transcript of Being Creative

Get their Attention!
Listen to THEM!
make fun shapes
put signs on stairs, ceiling, & floor
make a sign for each room door
use tiny print or HUGE print
make it colorful
make refreshers
use 3D advertising
include catch phrases
have an incentive
plan something you would want to go to
have an inviting, intriguing title
use just letter-sized paper
ONLY print on a color background
make one sign per floor
advertise TOO early or TOO late
describe your whole program on the ad
Make sure you:
make it part of the program
give them teasers
know your audience
Do it!

Sometimes you have to take the
party to the people...
Location should reflect theme
How far will your audience go?
Are they going to be comfortable?
Do you have a speaker? What are his/her neeeds?
make it practical and convenient
Will your location encourage
passer-by participation?
Have you asked what they want?
do a survey
ask people who don't normally attend programs
ask your former residents what they wanted
talk to people who don't live on campus now
what has worked in other places?
know that you can't accommodate everyone's schedule


Useful Resources
use borders
cover the corkboard
cut out shapes for decoration
make it interactive
fabric makes a great background that doesn't have to be changed as often
use rolled pieces of tape instead of staples for a cleaner look
create dimensions with stuffed paper
type words on 8.5x11 paper and stick them up
leave lots of blank space
make it too busy
write directly on the bulletin board....unless you can do calligraphy
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