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My Life

No description

caleb grahnert

on 16 December 2011

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Transcript of My Life

Things that i like to do Hiking I like to explore and sometimes purposly get lost! play football This year i scored 21 touch downs and 2 of them were on the jv team hang out with friends I like to have trever and anthony over, i also enjoy hanging with all of their friends as well! Pet peeves
C.J.G Caleb Grahnert I LIKE TO CAMP Cocky people homework (cc) photo by Jakob Montrasio 6FEET
190 pounds
15 years old Pets About me Nana Taba I LIKE TO GO AND WATCH THE SEATTLE MARINERS PLAY BASE BALL GO HUSKIES! WHEN I WAS 8 I GOT LOST FOR A DAY WITH MY COUSIN! ;) FRESHMAN IN HIGHSCHOOL I got to go to Mexico 6 times so far all for mission trips bet ya cant read this;) Huskies kill! I love to eat but luckly i dont gain weight! Family events! I love to spend my birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, and every holiday with them! I love them and their the best family that god could ever had given me! Without them i wouldn't have got too far in life! ! Im a freshman in highschool. I play baseball and football. I enjoy to spend time with faimly and care about them the most! I also am very active and i like to stay up late and hate when my friends have to go home! my dog Nana is 6 years old and she was bought out of the back of a truck! My cat Taba is like 4 million years old! My parents got her a year before they got maried! haters Thank you for watching have a merry Christmas!
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