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Olivia Penpraze

No description

Hannah Hopwood

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Olivia Penpraze

(2/2/1993 - 4/3/2012) Olivia (Liv) Penpraze Her Friends For years she was severly bullied.

She suffered from:
- Psychotic Depression
- Anxiety (generalised, social and mild separation)
- Borderline Personality Disorder
- Dissociation Identity Disorder
- EDNOS (Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified)
- Body Dysmorphic Disorder Olivia heard her friends trying to help her, but with the people in her mind she could not believe what her friends were telling her. Towards the end Olivia could not see the the positive comments only the negative whether they were real or imaginary. Olivia Penpraze Olivia's Tumblr Liv's friends described her as:
- someone you would see and want to get to know
- she wore little vintage dresses with tights, shirts with peter pan collars, bows in her hair Warren and Kellie Penpraze made a very hard decision to turn off Liv's life support after she went brain dead from a suicide attempt. April 4, 2012 For over 2 years Olivia had a tumblr. On it was over 900 cries for help. She would post about her suicidal thoughts, how she would self harm, and how she thought she was worthless. She was there for her followers. For 2 years she kept what is known as her suicide diary. Others are not always as nice On her last video she posted on youtube she said "I was trying to hold on til may" It was her suicide date but she couldn't wait until then. There were people that went to her school that knew her tumblr and warned nobody of what was going to happen. Olivia Remembered Olivia thought nobody would miss her. She listened to the people on the internet telling her she was worthless and all the countless names she was called, by people at school. One of her idols, Vic Fuentes, who she had met before, did however miss her. Pierce the Veil, one of her favorite bands wrote 2 songs dedicated to Olivia after hearing about her death. The first "Hold on Till May" the second "Bulls in the Bronx" Illegal If you live in the US and have ever sent a message telling the recipient to kill themselves, you’ve committed the felony of encouraging suicide and, depending on the state’s laws (meaning, what class of felony it is), you could be looking at a fine of $25,000+ and 10+ years in prison, just for encouragement and if they actually do it, you are legally responsible and, in some states, you can also be charged with manslaughter. bullimickittens.tumblr.com Everyday she would get anonymous messages saying go kill yourself, you are such a coward, just telling her she was completely worthless. Add more people saying that to you in real life and in your head that is how she felt. She thought nobody would notice if she died. Hannah Hopwood and Leticia Gonzalez
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