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The Effect of Air Pressure on a Basketball's Bounce

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Katherine Simon

on 21 December 2012

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Transcript of The Effect of Air Pressure on a Basketball's Bounce

The Effects of Air Pressure on a Basketballs' Bounce by Julia O'Brien and Katherine Simon In conclusion, our hypothesis was right and the ball bounced higher when there was more air pressure in the ball. When the air pressure was released by small amounts at a time the height was shortened gradually each time until the air pressure in the ball became zero, or so small that the gauge was unable to calculate it. Without enough air inside the ball keeping it up against gravity, the ball would not rise as high each time. Introduction Results Conclusion Data Air pressure is defined as the force of air exerted on the surface that's in contact with it. For this experiment, the dynamics of a basketball will be tested by experimenting with different air pressures and the ball's first bounce. Hypothesis Our thoughts are that the ball will
bounce higher when the pressure inside is greater. We think that when we start releasing air from the ball that it will not bounce as high. Materials - A ladder
-A basketball
-An air pressure gauge
-Tape measure
-Vernier physics app on iPod
-Air pump
-Tape Procedure -a measurement chart was placed as a background for the experiment on the wall

- lines were measured and placed on the paper with paint every 10cm or 0.010m

-the basketball's pressure was then measured with an air pressure gauge and recorded

-one person climbed the ladder with the basketball while the other held the iPod to record the experiment.

-The person standing on the ladder held the basketball at arms length and dropped it at the same recorded height each time while the other videotaped the process

-This was repeated for 9 different trials of pressure levels. Air Pressure (psi) Question Will the bounciness of a basketball increase or decrease with a change in the air pressure? Will it affect the height of the bounce of the ball? Sources of Error - measurements of first bounce may not have been completely accurate

- data tables from the Vernier Physics app are false because of the angle of the iPod

- height of dropped ball may have been changed

- when taking the pin from air pump out of the basketball, excess air may have been released so amounts shown may not be accurate Acknowledgements Thank-you to:

- Dave O'Brien
- sciencebuddies.com
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