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Robert Fulton

No description

Stephen Spizarny

on 5 January 2018

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Transcript of Robert Fulton

Lauren Baker
Robert Fulton

Robert Fulton Was born in Litte Britin, Pennsylvania in 1765.
His family moved to Lancaster,
PA. His dad was a tailor. When he turned 15,he went to be a apprentice to the silversmith.
Fulton was a good artist.He moved to Philadelphia to go to art school
He moved to Europe in 1786 to pursue his art career.When he was thare he studied science and math.He decided to be a inventor.
Fultons 1st steamboat was built in England.Robert Livingston funded the making of the steamboat.His 1st steamboat broke apart and sunk.
1 year later he had a successful steamboat test.
England wouldn't let him take a steamengin out of England.They later let him take a steanengin into America.
Fultons 1st US made steamboat was the north river steamboat.He launched it on the Hudson River in 1807.It was sucessful and he made more.
He moved some steamboats to the Mississippi River. In 1811, they used steamboats as a new way of transportation. The steamboats helped move goods and people over water.
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