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French Aristocracy and French Social Classes

No description

Foster Thompson

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of French Aristocracy and French Social Classes

French Social Classes in Relation to Cyrano From Rich to Poor French Nobility Lower Class Aristocrats Aristocrats and Cyrano The Bourgeoisie The French Poor in the 1600's Connections to Cyrano? Nobility was a quality that could be earned in France. Nobility can be defined as a privilege that allowed specific rights that couldn't be described by others.
Nobility was usually hereditary and was passed down through noble families. It was also gained through office such as Judicial office or like military commissions. It can also be gained from letters from the King.
Not all aristocrats were considered Nobles. However, nobility was considered a much higher honor. French Aristocrats A class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges especially the heredity nobility
Were some of the most influential people in the country
They had large amounts of political power that helped to influence the king
Could be compared to today's celebrities or boosters of political officials
Unlike England where people had to be made Nobel, one could earn their nobility with a large amount of determination
Were usually hated by the general public and when the French Revolution came about they became hunted down and tried for their acts as wealthy beings Cardinal Richelieu and De Guiche would be considered
The book shows exactly how the French Social structure
was in place all the way from civilians to the battlefield
Certain members of the Musketeers and even the cadets
were considered aristocrats based on their rank and
could be compared to both The Great Gatsby and A School for Wives The bourgeoisie were the higher group of the lower class. They
held the blue-collar jobs that were important in making French
daily life possible.
They worked the most of all the French population and were paid
the least.
Their jobs consisted of carpenters, blacksmiths, merchants, artists,
The bourgeoisie were also considered a class of its own. They were considered a political class however, they were not nobles. The lower class in France made up 97% of the population during the
17th century. This class was composed of peasants and bourgeoisie
who were the upper part of the lower class. The bourgeoisie were composed of artisans and merchants.
The lower class also consisted of soldiers and sailors. They worked the hardest and got paid the least.
The lower class lived in small dirty shelters with hardly any living space
and their food supply was low. In the book we see that the cadets were part of the lower
class and not nobles. Cyrano cannot be considered nobility
and should be included in more of the middle class as he
was a cadet.
Ragueneau the baker was not a noble and was considered
lower class.
Christian cannot be considered noble as he was a cadet
however, he is considered much more like Cyrano and a
part of the middle class. Wealthy Outcomes The French Poor Outcomes Prepare for Battle!!! Would Cyrano be defined as an Aristocrat??? What other characters in the book could be considered aristocrats??? How does aristocracy affect the play as a whole??? Biggest Aristocrat in France King Louis XII Doesn't he look happy!!! FIN!!! Any more thoughts???????
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