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Evolution of a Calculator

No description

Chinne O.

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Evolution of a Calculator

The Scheutz Difference Engine was the first printing calculator invented. Scheutz Difference Engine The Calculating Clock was the first mechanical calculator to be invented. The calculator was in many ways like Napiers calculator, it used the same type of sliding bars/bones as the calculator but it was mechanical instead of being done by man. Calculating Clock Napiers Bones was created mainly for multiplication, the devise was created by John Napier. The idea originated from the ancient numerical scheme known as the arabian lattice. Napiers Bones The abacus was invented by the Chinese in ancient times. The Abacus Evolution of a Calculator
Chinne & Kristjan
1st Period IED Pascaline Blaise Pascal made a mechanical calculator it could preform addition subtraction and multiplication. The product had many shortcoming and soon failed to sell. An Idea that was a stepping stone but never used in society. Stepped Reckoner Although the idea was great at the time and could preform multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division, the calculator would only work off and on, due to that none of them ever sold . 1853 The calculator was very large as you can see in the photo, but it was the one of the only caluators that printed its answers out on a sheet of paper for you. Anita Mk 8 1961 The worlds first electronic desktop calculator , it was mainly sold in the european market, but was also sold in other markets. The calculator used coldcathode vaccume tubes and a Nikie display. Interesting Fact*
The first electronic desktop calculator was worth about what a family car would be worth. Pocket Calculators Sharp made one of the first pocket calculators that used only 15 simple buttons but can function just as well as the others. Texas Instruments was awarded a patent for there hand held calculator Hand Held Calculator The creations and new ideas have led way to the kind of calculators we have now, inventors from all over keep building and changing things to make the most modern and ergonomic calculator for every consumer to use. What It all has lead to Major Company Patents Canon Patents.
Casio Patents.
Hewlett-Packard Patents.
National Semiconductor Patents.
Rockwell Patents.
Sharp Patents.
Texas Instruments Patents. With the new technology of calculators it affects society by: letting people calculate easier and quicker, make scale graphs, do more complex equations and figure out more problems. Effect On Society Effect on Environment The battery's of the calculator have to be disposed and thrown away after the use of the calculator, the same goes for the plastics and other materials in the calculator.

The calculator also helps the environment grow quicker by making calculations and using technology to better the environment. Work Cited www.Prezi.com- the site used to make presentation
http://www.calculator.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/Calculator-Canvas.jpg - calculator timeline
http://www.rskey.org/~mwsebastian/patents/patents.htm- Major Patenets
http://www.vintagecalculators.com/html/calculator_time-line.html- calculator timeline
http://www.educalc.net/251086.page- description of different calculators The End
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