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the 60s, the outsiders

No description

Destyn Williams

on 6 November 2014

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Transcript of the 60s, the outsiders

5 popular foods
Four Political Events In The 1960's
Slang words from the 60s
A Gas: having a lot of fun
Bent: Grouchy, slightly annoyed.
bomb: total failure
cat: a guy
chick: a young woman
Gilligan's Island
The Brady bunch
Leave it to Beaver( which had a spin off that was made in 1997)
The Beverly Hillbillies
Two world leader
2-Dr. martin Luther King Jr.
1- President John F Kennedy

chicken pot pie
wonder bread
swiss steak
Popular Tv shows in the 60s
USA won its first Olympic Gold in Hockey

Olympic Sites In The 1960's
Tokyo: 1964
Rome: 1960
The 60s
The Outsiders
by: Carly, Destyn, Zyan, Nazi Ma and Sierra

Sporting Events in the 60s
World Series Pittsburgh Pirates and New York Yankees
England wins its first and only World Cup
Rod Laver wins the men's Grand Slam in tennis
First Paralympics
Bret Hanover wins the Triple Crown of Harness Racing for Pacers
England wins its first and only World Cup
1963 - John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
MLK I have a dream speech 1963
Voting rights act of 1965
Thurgood Marshall becomes first African American supreme court justice 1967
five Racially- motivated events
1-Aug, 1963-The "i have a dream" speech
2-Sept, 1963- 16Th street baptist church bombing
3-July, 1964-president jognson signed the civil rights act of 1964
4- March, 1965- bloody Sunday
5-1968-Martin Luther King Jr. death
60's Bands

James Brown
The beatles
The Supremes
The Beach Boys
The Rolling Stones

1961 camaro
Popular Cars of the 60's

Road runner
1960 Road runner
1965 Mustang
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