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The 5 Greatest Challenges facing the International Management Sector

IE Business School Application - MiM 2013

Vene Freysen

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of The 5 Greatest Challenges facing the International Management Sector

Challenge #2 International business environments & consumer demands are changing rapidly.
Companies need to ask themselves if their offerings remain Businesses need to ask themselves:
Is my Product
my Business Model
& my Supply Chain The 5 Greatest Challenges
Facing The
International Management Sector Challenge #3 Mass Marketing has lost its relevance in the modern age. Communicating & interacting with the right audience at the right time has become crucial in attracting brand loyalty & retaining talent. Challenge #4 Globalization has created many different opportunities to expand into new markets but has also increased competition. Businesses must decide whether to outsource production or services, or invest in the local people & economies. Challenge #5 In the age of technology, all businesses - whether B2B or B2C - increasingly rely on digital & online tools or platforms for communication & commerce. By Vené Freysen Challenge #1 The Role I Hope To Play Empower consumers so that they can make more informed decisions & contribute to cultivating better businesses. Help businesses to embrace & successfully expand into developing markets where they can meaningfully contribute to those societies. Build brands that are model Corporate Citizens Build
Brands Sustainable? Why? We live in a world where unscrupulous production & consumption has taken its toll on global resources & the environment. Consumers are increasingly demanding that businesses behave more responsibly. What does this mean? Companies need to find the best way to integrate Sustainability with Business The Challenge: How to make the Triple Bottom Line
the Only Bottom Line? Relevant? Why? At the current pace of innovation, products & services as well as technologies can easily become obsolete. Businesses need to remain fluid & adaptable to survive & thrive. The Challenge: How to continuously innovate for & with the times? What does this mean? Companies need to tailor their communications & speak to the right people in order to create Brand Evangelists. The Challenge: How to find (or form) your Tribe? What does this mean? Businesses must investigate & embrace opportunities in different or developing economies while taking a big-picture approach by assessing the impact & implications of entering those markets. The Challenge: What is the right Market Fit for you? What does this mean? Regardless of the industry, not utilizing or exploring digital platforms can hamper the growth, efficiency and profitability of a business. The Challenge: Which tools will best aid the business in embracing a borderless, digital marketplace? Responsible Sustainable Add real value Profit as the consequence instead of the purpose Give back Transparent Hold stakeholders' best interest at heart Thank you
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