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2 careers i researcged

No description

Courtney Boyce

on 21 September 2016

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Transcript of 2 careers i researcged

Job Description: Help solve crimes by collecting and analyzing physical evidence. They analyzing fingerprints, blood, semen, firearms, saliva, and drugs.
A 4 year degree in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, medical technology, biotechnology, or microbiology can allow you to have an entry level job as a forensic scientists.
Information about Career
Information about career
Cell culture technician grow cells in culture flasks, bio reactors, plates and other kinds of containers. The cells can come from animals of plants. These technicians are expected to be familiar with cell culture techniques, media preparation, tumor cell isolation, and molecular biology methods.

$14 - $19 per hour starting off
$30,000-$40,000 annually

Career Choice #1
Forensic Scientist
Career Choice #2:
Cell Culture Technician

Bio tech careers
Courtney Boyce
$1,900-$3,000 a month starting salary
Usually about $30,000-$50,000 annually starting.
Long and random work hours. Must be ready to visit a crime scene or be ready to examine body.
Work Cited:
Forensic Scientists:

Cell culture technician:
"2,400 new forensic scientist jobs will be added to the market through 2020, which represents a 19 percent growth rate"
Personal Connection
This job has a personal connection to me because this is the career that I would like to pursue when I am older.
Technology and scientific research are always growing so there is a good job growth.
2 year (Associates) degree, or a 4 year (Bachelor) degree in biology.
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