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Cooperative Language Learning - Borami Park

Cooperative Language Learning

Borami Park

on 4 August 2010

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Transcript of Cooperative Language Learning - Borami Park

Cooperative Language Learning Cooperative Learning Learning and Teaching
Activities CLL CLL Approach Theory of Language Design Goals Why use cooperative learning? promote student learning and academic achievement

increase student retention

enhance student satisfaction with their learning experience

help students develop skills in oral communication

develop students' social skills

promote student self-esteem

help to promote positive race relations
Learner-centered Approach Promote
communitive interaction
in the classroom Naturalistic L2 acquisition Provide methodology to achieve goals Focused attention to
particular lexical items,
language structures
communicative functions Provide opportunities to develop
successful learning and communication strategies Enhance learner motivation, reduce stress
and create a positive affective classroom climate Theory of Learning Objectives Syllabus Teacher Roles Types of Groups Roles in Groups Physical Arrangement? The Roles of Instructional Materials Formal cooperative learning groups Informal cooperative learning groups Cooperative base groups Eliments of Success Positive inter-dependence Group formation Individual accountability Social skills Structuring and structures 20107214 Borami Park Learner Roles Groups Student Teams-Achievement Division

Team-Assisted Individualization

Teams Games Tournaments
Three Step Interview


Round table

Solve-Pair-Share 1class period - several weeks a few minute - 1 class period long term, 1 year achieve shared learning goal attention, facilitate support, help, encouragement, assistance communication
cooperative rules
conversational interaction
cooperatively structured
interactional activities Piaget, Vigotsky
- social interaction in learning
Interactive Structures
Critical Thinking
Cooperation cooperation
socially structured interaction Critical Thinking Skills
Communicative Competence Leader
Turn-taking monitor
Time-keeper The Roles of Instructional Materials A member of group
Information sharers Create an environment
Setting goals
Planning and structuring tasks
Establishing the physical arrangement of the classroom
Assigning students to groups and roles
Selecting materials and time
Being a facilitator of learning Create opportunities for students
to work cooperatively.

Materials can be specially

designed for CLL learning,
modified from existing materials,
borrowed from other disciplines. Design Types of Groups Thank you~!!
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