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Kindergarten Back to School Night

No description

Erica Henderson

on 30 August 2018

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Transcript of Kindergarten Back to School Night

Bengal Behavior
How Can I Help My Child Succeed?
Talk to your child
Attendance line: (949) 936-8401
Encourage responsibility
Build Independence
Have a routine and structure at home.
Build a growth mindset (See article) "It's okay to make a mistake!"
Have your child build their fine motor skills by coloring and cutting.
Parent Volunteers in the classroom will begin at the end of September.
Watch for an email to sign-up.
Make sure you join the P.T.A.
Sharing, Star of the Week, and Birthdays
Common Core Standards
Important Information
Thank you!
Our Schedule
A sign up sheet will be emailed to you this week!
Helpful hints for writing:
Encourage your child to sound out the words when spelling.
Do not tell them how to spell a word. Instead say, "Listen to your mouth."
There are high frequency words that you cannot sound out. For example: the, said, have. We will teach these throughout the year and they should be practiced at home.
Evolution of a Child's Writing
What will my child learn in Kindergarten?
All of our teaching will be tied to the Common Core Standards.
Conversations (rug buddy time)
Asking for help
Following directions
Problem solving
Staying on task
Controlling emotions
Disagreeing appropriately
Accepting "no" for an answer
Making an apology
Accepting consequences or criticism
Homework will begin at the end of September. It is optional but we encourage you to access it and review concepts learned with your child.
Field Trips:
Tanaka Farms approx $22/child for admission.
Fire Station
100th Day of School Collections (February)
Communication: Emails, Remind app, Kindergarten Instagram: beaconparkkindergarten and Our website: k.beaconpark.school/
Back-to-School Night

Please take a moment to complete this survey:
Please take a moment to complete this survey:

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