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PHED3 - Sports Psychology

Aggression definitions

Clare Schulze

on 26 January 2014

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Transcript of PHED3 - Sports Psychology

PHED3 - Sports Psychology
What is aggression?
Types of Aggression
Learning Objectives
I predict a riot!!??
Using practical examples, explain the different types of aggressive behaviour in sport (5 marks)
Assertive Behaviour
Be able to;
Identify the two types of aggression
Give a sporting example relating to the key terms
Define assertive behaviour
Be able to describe some characteristics of the key terms used during the lesson.
Be able to justify sporting examples relating to the key terms

Choose two images that stick in your head.
How are they examples of aggressive behaviour?


1. Research theories relating to aggression (refer to your AQA specification to check which ones you need to know)

2. Photocopy an article from PE review about any Psychological concept you have covered so far. Have copies for the whole class and be ready to discuss it as a started next week.
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