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A Prezi about Documentaries

Andrew Hebditch

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of Documentary

Documentaries by Andrew Hebditch Documentaries are factual programmes have been in our lives for years. From investigating an inclusive group of people or reconstructing a dramatic event. Over the years they have split into several different categories; these are some examples. Docusoap - a documentary that tends to follow the same people wirh the same format. Docudrama - a documentary that reconstructs an actual historic event for viewer's pleasure. Mockumentary - A parody posing as a documentary. Investagative Documentary - a documentary that sends a crew into a group of people with an interesting background. Most documenatries are usually campaigning, this is to get a point across easily with the attempt to change the views and opinions of people But they can sometimes come across as being biased, because they only usually show one side of the argument, although they tend to get statements from the other side that is about it. The opposite side aren’t really given a chance to prove why their policies work and how it can be justified of being fair. I believe that ‘Super Size Me (2004, Morgan Spurlock)’ is a prime example. It was created a way in order to change people’s views and behaviours about McDonalds, and how it abused its public in order to make more money through them through it's 'Supersizing'. Morgan had to follow a routine and this was filmed over 30 days and he changed dramatically and had dangerous health problems occur just to campaign a reason. Mockumentaries have developed popularity over recent years, especially with blockbusters such as 'Borat (2006, Larry Charles)' and 'Brüno (2009, Larry Charles)', although it brought controversy, it was still entertaining for many. In conclusion Documentaries come in all shapes in sizes, some may be interesting and some may not, but that goes down to personal choice. Thanks for reading :)
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