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Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Sobeys-Analysis

"Dominate" a station..
and Motivate Consumers.
Run schedules that ensure the majority of listeners hear your commercial a minimum three times a week (three net impressions).
People shop all the time.

People often take their time buying.

Ensure they think Sobeys when they're in the market!
Imagine every ad is a salesperson working for you.

Appeal to everyone.
Sell Features (practical) & Benefits (emotional) equally.
How to Advertise
Why Radio?
It's Effective & Personal
Your potential customers spend more time with radio and online than any other type of local media.

89% of Canadians listen every week for 19+ hours.

CFRY, Country 93, Mix 96 & PortageOnline.com are local focused and have a personal connection with their audience.
Wherever You Are...
Radio is There With You!
It's Sound
Radio is sound - intrusive, irresistible sound - It makes electronic media the long distance runner of advertising.

Broadcast wins the hearts of customers before they're in the market for your product.

Sound is memorable (and persuasive). Consider music and all those songs you know the lyrics to without ever intentionally learning them.
In the car, at home, and at work!

30-second Commercial
30-second Commercial
# of Households
in Portage and RM ................................ 8,815

Average Food Expenditure
per household, per year ....................... $5,300

$46.7 million
That equals to...
$3.9 million



Triggering Events create a need for your products or services.
• Increase traffic to your store.

• Emphasize your unique advantage in the marketplace.

• Increase your name awareness.

• Sobeys is a well-established name with solid reputation.

• Convenient location

• Locally owned and operated.

• Only grocery store to offer AirMiles

• Next to no local advertising and promotion beyond flyers; flyers are limited to price shoppers only.

• Need more dynamic presence in the marketplace.

• Need to create more top-of-mind awareness.


1. Educate consumers with STRONG CREATIVE and EFFECTIVE SCHEDULES.
Need to reach the people who do not read flyers.
Need more than one or two weeks of advertising to establish Sobeys' advantage.

2. Drive home a CONSISTENT THEME so more people will think Better Food (and AirMiles) when they think of Sobeys.

3. Build name awareness and familiarity with people who are buying groceries etc., today.

Opportunities to Improve Your Advertising
CD09/Portage & RM: 23,489
Total: 48,289
Market Research
CD08: 14,127
CD10: 10,673
Population of the Central Plains Market Area
How Sobeys can . . .
Need more than one ad per week to have an IMPACT.
Radio is always accessible.
Streaming online and on your mobile phone.
Radio drives your message home, reaching your customers throughout the day.
• Motivates audience with on-going advertising that highlight your competitive advantage.

• Reaches people at home, at the office
and in their cars with consistent message.

• Has impact you want with the right message delivered with the right frequency.
The purpose of advertising is to create an
equity position
in a target market and to reach and motivate a sufficient number of consumers so that a business can realize a specific growth objective.
We are not trying to create a market for Sobey's. We are trying to exploit the market that already exists and direct potential customers to your store.
To be known before you are needed. People respond to needs, not ads.
Unlocking Ad Potential
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