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Copy of Even Tho

Powerpoint for GCSE English poetry - Even Tho

georgina dunbar

on 14 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Even Tho

Even Tho Conclusion Thank you for listening! REMEMBER TO REVISE FOR THE ENGLISH EXAM! And one more thing... Language Form and Structure By Steve Townsend
and Kathryn Curtis Introduction Even Tho was written by Grace Nichols
Grace Nichols was born and grew up in the Caribbean which greatly affects the language choices
The poem is written about the relationship between the couple in the relationship Grace Nichols uses imagery in her poem to paint a picture of her relationship, how this makes her feel emotionally and physically and what her ideal relationship consists of. She creates simple but effective pictures in the readers mind of colour and boldness. She does this with fruit, describing the shape, colour, texture and how this is linked to her, her partner and the relationship in general. Imagery Rhythm and Rhyme The tone of the poem 'Even Tho' is made up from all other poetic techniques. The language and imagery all add to create a positive, laid back atmosphere. This relaxed atmosphere reflects the calm, happy and positive perspective Nichols holds of her relationship. Tone The poem does not follow a traditional form. It begins and ends with couplets and there are five, four line stanzas in between.
The lack of words in the poem implies the relationship is mostly a physical relationship as nothing needs to be said much between them The poem is also written in first person which makes the poem more personal
The language used by the poet is commanding over the relationship which is portrayed by the use of imperatives throughout the poem: "you be", "I be" and "leh we". This portrays the poet as the dominant person in the relationship and reflects the feeling that she cannot loose herself to her partner and she wants to keep her own personality in the relationship Language (Continued) For example she says "I'm all watermelon and starapple and plum when you touch me" this shows, through the texture of the fruits she has described how she feels physically around him. Watermelons and plums are very juicy and have a soft texture, this portrays how she feels as juicy and soft inside. When cut in half starapples have a very attractive star pattern, this shows us that her partner makes her feel attractive and beautiful inside. The sweetness of the fruit also represents the sweet and happy relationship she has. Imagery (continued) 'Even Tho' has no clear rhyme scheme, this supports the laid back, 'no worries' TONE of the poem. The use of the word "jellyfish" reflects the poet and how she feels in the poem.
Jellyfish have no brain and go where the water takes them. In the same way, she in the relationship when she is around her partner, feels like she has no control and like he is in control.
However "jellyfish" also sting which reflects the fact that she may not be in control but she can "sting" if the relationship is not going well The use of the fruits to describe how she feels in the relationship portray her as a weak character. Fruits like "watermelon" and "plums" bruise easily implying that she is easily hurt and is more sensitive in characteristics.
This links to the fact that she wants to stay her "own person" as she may feel that if she gets too close to someone she will get hurt Language (Continued, Continued)
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