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Alberto Cabrera

on 14 May 2010

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Transcript of Portugal

Portugal's traditional Finnish includes:
potatoes, meat, fish, milk, butter, and rye
bread. Portuguese Food Portugal In Portugal women live
more than men, there life
expectancy is the next:
Female:81.2 Portugal Flag The shield of Portugal's flag
represents an armillery shield and
it's portugese shield.
There are lots of different portugese flags,
this is the national flag. It's natural beauties
and much more!!!! Portugal's literacy rate is
94.9 an it is in the 68th place
in the world. Portugal age structure:
0-14 years:16.3% male:912,147
female: 834,941
15-64 years:66.1% male: 3,525,717
65 years and over:17.6% male: 772, 413
female:1,108,193 Portugal's national anthem:
Heros of the sea, noble race
valiant and inmortal nation, rise up
once again. The splendor of Portugal.
Out of the mists of memory, oh homeland, we hear the voices of your great forefathers
that shall lead you on to victory.

To arms, to arms
On land and sea!
To arms, to arms
To fight our homeland!
To march against enemy guns

Unfurl the unconquerable
flag. In the bright light of your sky!
Cry out all Europe and the world
That Portugal has not perished.
Your happy land is kissed
By the ocean that murmurs with love.
And your conquering arm
Has given new worlds to the world!

Salute the Sun that rises
On a smiling future:
Let the echo of an isult be
The signal for our revival
The rays of that powerful dawn
Are like a mother's kisses
That protects us an supports us
Against the insults of fate.
Portugal's National Anthem Population Portugal's national bird is
the rooster of barcelos, and here's
a short story:
One of the many versions of this legend
goes that a rich man threw a big party.
When the party was over, the rich man noticed
that his sterling cuterly was stolen by a guest.
he accused a pilgrim and let him go to court.
he protested his innocence but the judge didn't
believe him.the judge was about to eat a roasted
rooster when the pilgrim said:"If I am INNOCENT
pilgrim was about to be lynched, the rooster
crowed.the judge released the pilgrim. here are some other portugese flags: president of the republic flag assembly of the republic prime minister's flag National Bird National Flower the national flower of portugal
is the lavender.
there are yellow, purple and pink lavenders.
there are 25 to 30 species of lavender.
lavenders are planted in gardens world wide.
It's scientific name is lavender augustifolia
kingdom: plantae
division: magnoliophyta
class: magnoliopsida
order: lamiales
family: lamiaceae
genus: lavandula

purple lavender pink lavender Geography Portugal is coastal nation
in southwestern europe, it only
borders with spain.

Madeiro is a portugese
archipelago. here's a
picture: Azores is a portugese
archipelago in the
atlantic ocean.
the azores is occasionally
subject to very strong
earthquakes as in the
continental coast.
portugal Madeiro azores The Taugus river splits
portugal in two. It is cool
and rainy in the north and
hot and dry in the south. pORTUGAL is
montainous in the north of the
taugus river and there are
rolling plains to the south.
It's highest point is pico or pico
alto in the azores 2,351 meters
Taugus river Pico alto Clothing Portugal's traditional clothing consists of berets, stocking caps, Baggy shirts and trousers.
Here's a picture: Language Portugal's national language is
In the azores they speak acoriano.
In madeira they speak Madeirense.
Region language
1.-Azores: Acoriano
2.-Alentejo: Alentejano
3.-Algarve: Algarvio
4.-North of braga: Alto-Minhoto
5.-Alto Alentejano: Central
Portugal Interior
6.-Beirao: Central portugal
7.-Coimbra and libson: estremenho
8.-madeira: madeirense
9.-braga and porto: nortenho
10.-tras-os-montes: transmontano
Currency It's capital is lisbon. Population: 10,524,145 Portugal's currency
is the euro.
Here's a picture: Exports the major exports
of portugal are: tools
and machinery (19.8) Minerals
and mineral products (14.0)
vehicles and other transport
materials (12.0) base metals (9.9)
agriculture products (9.0) chemical
products (8.7) plastics and rubber (5.0)
Food products (3.6) textile materials (3.1)
clothing (2.8) wood, pulp and paper (2.4)
optical and precision instruments (2.1) minerals
and mineral products (1.6) wood and cork (1.3)
skins and leather (1.0) footwear (0.9) Leather wood Chemicals Minerals Vehicles yellow lavender Portugal climate
graph Transportation subways
In portugal there are 2 areas
that have subway systems: lisbon
metro and metro sul do tejo. they
each have 35 km. of lines.

the most important aitports in portugal are in lisbo, faro, porto,
funchal and ponta delgada.
lisbo's geographical position makes it a stopover point for many foregin airlines ay airprorts all over the country.

transport in portugal is well developed and diversified there are also some railroads
in portugal like the lisbon metro,
fertagus, porto metro and much more.
railroads airport in portugal lisbon's city bus porto metro telecommunications portugal telecom (pt) is the largest
telecommunications service provider.
portugal has a modern and flexible
telecommunications market and a wide
range of varied media organisations telephone. main lines in use: 4.139 million mobile cellular: 13,413,000 television broadcast stations: 36 radio broadcast stations: AM 47 fm 172 shortwave 2 Imports Agricultural prducts, food products,
oil products, chemical products, plastics and
rubber, skins and leather, wood and cork, wood pulp
and paper, textile materials, clothing, footwear, minerals
and mineral products, base metals, machinery and tools,
vehicles and other transport materials, optical precision
instruments, computer accessories and parts, semi conductors
and related devices, household goods, passenger cars new and used
and wine products. Natural resources Portugal has lots of natural resources here are some examples: fish, forest, iron ore, copper, zinc, tin, tungsten, silver, gold, uranium, marle,
clay, gypsum, salt, arable land and hydropower. history 1578 Battle of alcacer quibri 1822 Portugal looses its
largest colony, brazil. 1910 portugese revolution deposes monarchy 1926 Military coup installed
a dictatorship. 1974 another coup
that granted liberty to african colonies. 1986 portugal entered european community
religion roman catholicism is the
most predominant religion in
portugal. approximately 84 percent of the
population in portugal is norminally catholic.
sports portugal's national sport
is soccer. there are lots
of good soccer players from portugal.
However people pay other sports too. swimming tennis holidays and traditions people in portugal celebrate
these holidays: New year's day: january 1
carnival: moveable
good friday: moveable
easter: moveable
freedom day: april 25
labor day: may 1
corpus christi feast: moveable
portugal day: june 10
assumption: august 15
republic day: october 5
all saints day: november 1
restoration of independence: december 1
Immaculate: december 8
christmas day: december 25

holiday date Anthem KID'S life A child In portugal who is well educated has good manners and is respectful toward adults. The Portuguese are indulgent toward their children, who are welcome everywhere. Life cycle ceremonies for children are in accordance with Catholic ritual. Baptisms are important events for the extended family. First communion can be an occasion for a family celebration Children in portugal go to school
do their chores, do some homework and
then they play lots of sports like
soccer, tennis, swimming and much more. Family structure family and friends, shared living spaces, interaction with neighbors, and participation in community or religious organizations. For many people as they get older, their family structure changes as children leave home and spouses die. Also, as their friends die, the networks of older persons shrink. Many try to remain socially active through involvement with community organizations, church, and neighbors, but confronted with fewer and less intimate connections, older people may disengage from the social world. socializing
portugese people usually
invite their friends and family
on sundays to talk and have
a nice reunion. they also
get together and go to cafes
and bars in the afternoon. government After the elections for the Assembly of the Republic or the resignation of the previous government, the President listens to the parties in the Assembly of the Republic and invites someone to form a government. The Prime Minister chooses the persons that he or she finds fit. Then the President swears in the Prime Minister and the Government. The government consists of the Prime Minister, other ministers and the state secretaries. Each minister heads a ministry and has assigned to him or her one or more state secretaries. current president current events Thousands of dead octopuses wash up on portugal's beach,
the cause is unknown. Portugal is anxious to avoid a Greek-style run on its finances. The news came as trade unionists in Spain called a public strike to protest at wage cuts. Up to half a million people attended the Mass held by the Pope Up to half a million people have attended an open-air Mass celebrated by Pope Benedict XVI at the Catholic shrine of Fatima in Portugal. pope links
world book
my dad

The modern Portuguese legal system has been influenced primarily by German law. did you know.... The Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon is the longest bridge in Europe with 17,185 m (56,381 feet) It is illegal to kill a bull in Portuguese bullfighting. lagos beach and thats I'm sorry about the bad quality images.
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