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Ender's Game Chapter 15

No description

Enrique Figueroa

on 20 October 2013

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Transcript of Ender's Game Chapter 15

Ender's Game Chapter 15:
Speaker for the Dead

Character Analysis
1. Why did Peter want Ender back on Earth? How did Valentine save Ender from Peter?

2. Why was Ender reluctant to go with Valentine to the bugger home worlds?
Internal Conflict: Ender struggles with the decision of whether to try to find a new home world for the Hive Queen or not.
Exposition and Rising Action
Graff and Anderson discuss their retirement plans.
Ender and Valentine meet on Eros and she convinces him to travel with her across the bugger home worlds.
On the bugger home world, Ender discovers an egg left behind by the buggers.
Falling Action and Resolution
Ender writes the "Speaker for the Dead" books, on for the Hive Queen, and one for the Hegemon.
Ender wants to go back to Earth but Valentine made sure that he could not do that.
He also regrets killing the buggers and sees his victory against them as a crime of sorts.
He decides that in order to restore the Hive Queen, he needs to make sure that humanity forgives the buggers, so he wrote "Speaker for the Dead"
Valentine wants Ender to travel with her amongst the bugger home worlds so her first step is to make sure that Peter can't use him as a pawn, but by doing so, Ender can't go back to Earth.
Valentine decides to change Demosthene's image from a demagogue to a scholarly person.

Graff lost weight from the stress of being tried for child abuse and negligence homicide, and he is found innocent.
He is the new Minister of Colonization.
Hive Queen
The Hive Queen feels grief at the fact that her species had ignorantly slaughtered millions of humans, who she thought were not thinking beings. When the buggers realized this, they withdrew and hoped that the humans would forgive them.
By showing Ender her memories and grief, she convinces him to take her cocoon so that her species can be reborn.
Anderson supported Graff in his trial.
Anderson is going to become a football commissioner.
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