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Comparing Persuasive Texts

No description

Katherine Rickson

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of Comparing Persuasive Texts

Comparing Persuasive

Now we're going to look at two speeches in more depth
First we're going to listen to a clip by Winston Churchill, who was Prime Mnister during most of WW11.
L.O: To compare two speeches and examine what makes each one effective.
To begin to prepare for your own GCSE presentation.

Watch the video clip and make notes on your mindmap.
What makes obama effective?
Now i want you to think about why these things are effective...
Discuss with a partner and add to your mindmap.
What do you think makes this speech effective?
Jot down bullet points/notes on:
persuasive devices
we're now going to repeat the task with a speech by martin luthur king, an equal rights campaigner for black people in the 50s and 6os.
Remember to make notes on:
persuasive devices
Analyse the two speeches
in detail
zooming in closely
on specific words, phrases and persuasive devices.
Create a venn diagram in your books summarising the differences and similarities between the two speeches.

Which speech do you feel is the most effective?
give reasons for your answer
include key quotes
How confident do you feel about public speaking?
What does a speech look, sound, feel like?
Create a mindmap in your books.
rules for speaking & listening...
Come up with 5 rules of speaking.
Remember to give your rules a heading!
What makes a good topic for a speech?
1. Pick one word from the word cloud which you think best sums up what makes a
speech topic.

One word which sums up a good speech topic is….because...

2. Pick one word from the word cloud which you think is
the opposite
of a good speech topic.

One word which sums up the opposite of a good speech topic is…because…
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