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Direct and Indirect Objects

No description

Gabrielle Weber

on 19 October 2012

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Transcript of Direct and Indirect Objects

My neighbor asked us an interesting question. (What?) James met Mr. Hunt in the school's main office. (Whom?) We guided him during the mountain climb. (Whom?) They oiled the skates before lacing them up. (What?) Tyler edited three errors in her essay. (What?) The television set required repair. (What?) 1)Find the Verb
2)Ask: What or Whom 1. The man greeted his brother (7). 6. Seymour found his old, woolen s _____r (7) in the closet. 7. Sylvia selected a b__t (4) from the vegetable section of the supermarket. 5. Candace gave her m____r (6) a birthday present. 4. Pull the kite's s _____g (6). 3. This bee gave off a painful s _____g (5). 2. The baseball coach gave the man on base a s _____n (4). With the people you're sitting with, write down the correct direct object. The word will have the same number letters as indicated. Direct Objects: Indirect objects come after the Direct Objects. They answer the questions To Whom or For Whom. Yesterday, I bought apples for my mom.

She always makes applesauce in October.

Three days ago, my dad spilled some applesauce all over his pants!

I decided to wash the pants for my dad. Three steps:
1: Find Verb
2: Find Direct object:
3: Ask To Whom or For Whom
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