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Six types of nationalism

No description

Ian Anderson

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Six types of nationalism

Six types of nationalism Ian.Anderson Isolationism Unilateralism Bilateralism Multilateralism Supranationalism Internationalism Define/A country shutting themselves in and ignoring any other nation be it politically or economically. Define/ A country acting on its own without the need for support from other countries Define/ Two countrys working together to resolve a problem that concerns both countrys Define/ A term where more than two countrys are working together to solve problems Define/ Countries agree to follow the decisions of a international organization made up of independant officials or representative elected by other countries. Define/ All members of the global community accept all responsibility for all problems the world faces. Ex/ Right now a example of this would be North Korea cause they a shutting themselves in and not doing anything for the other countries. Ex/ Vatican city is a example of unilateralism in the sense that politically they act on there own EX/ Free trade agreements are examples of bilateralism in that it is a treatie that enables free trade across borders EX/ The U.N is Multilateralism in that it is a group of nations that work together to solve problems like the civil unrest in Rwanda wi the Hutus and the Tutsis. Ex/ The international criminal court is a court to prosucute people of war crimes genocide or crimes against humanity where many countries come together Ex/ The Green house Effect every country worked together to help stop the emission of green house gases
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