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Matthew Radivojsa

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Donnacona


- This was in 1534
- Cartier found Donnacona and his people (the St. Lawrence Iroquoians) fishing in Gaspé (near the St. Lawrence River)
- He erected a cross (which means he set up a cross basically showing that this was his land)
- Donnacona became angry and complained to Cartier
- Cartier gave Donnacona a feast and then persuaded Donnacona to let his sons go to France

- Donnacona learned about Cartier traveling to Hochelaga and left him to die
- Cartier got scurvy
- Domagaya felt that he needed to help and cured Cartier
- Cartier set up a fake meeting about how Donnacona was now his enemy
- In the meeting Cartier kid napped Donnacona, his two sons and some other St. Lawrence Iroquoians taking them once again to France
Donnacona and His Sons In France

- When Cartier brought Donnacona's sons to France, he showed them to the king for proof of Canada
- On the way back, Cartier asked Donnacona's sons about Hochelaga
- He learned that Donnacona discouraged any traveling that way
- He went anyways because he heard about tales of riches

- Donnacona died in France in 1539
- For the last time, Cartier went to France
- The relationship between Donnacona and Jacques Cartier was never a very good one, as there always seemed to be conflicts between them
My Opinions

- The St. Lawrence Iroquois were affected because he was never returned to France after Cartier took him and had to find a new chief

- Everyone living in Canada is affected by his actions because if not for him, there would have been no proof that Canada was real if he didn’t let his kids go to France, resulting in France coming to Canada
- I think he impacted Canada in a good way, because he was the one that makes us be here today. Even if you were to say it was in a bad way, he couldn’t have done much to stop Cartier from taking his kids

Founding of New France:
- He was involved in the founding of New France because if not for his sons, Cartier would have had no proof of Canada's inhabitants

How Fast These Impacts Affected Lives
-All of these impacts happened almost immediately, except for the impacts on us

Historically Significant?
- With no doubts, Donnacona is historically significant. He affected nearly everyone in France and Canada, in the past and present

Cartier's First Voyage
Cartier's Second Voyage
- Cartier announced Donnacona's death but lied, saying that everyone other than Donnacona didn't want to leave France
The Anouncement
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