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The Rise of Christianity & The Fall of the Roman Empire

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Caleb Lagerwey

on 1 November 2011

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Transcript of The Rise of Christianity & The Fall of the Roman Empire

The Rise of Christianity
The Fall of the Roman Empire Judaism Christianity One God Tax Collectors No Images! Roman Prefect Torah Jesus of Nazareth (4B.C. - 30 A.D.) Jewish Leaders:
Pharisees & Sadducees Crucifixion Paul of Tarsus Conversion on Road to Damascus Bacon is OK! "King of the Jews" Eucharist Early Graffiti
"Alexamenos worships his god" Pliny's Letter to Trajan 111-113 AD "To the Lions with the Christians!" Martyrs Catacombs Masada Intro
YouTube Videos Roman Gods Direct Nero's Human Candles Caligula Fights Poseidon Roman Roads Spread of Christianity by 325 and 600AD St. Bartholomew Battle of Chalons 1 Battle of Chalon II Judaism Battle of Adrianople Part 1 Battle of Adrianople Part 2 Battle of Adrianople Part 3 Perpetua Diocletian Constantine Days of the Week
Barbarians Invade! Stirrup Alaric the Visigoth Alaric Sacks Rome Attila the Hun
Hun Movement Byzantine Empire at 476 Vandals & Augustus Romulus Europe after Western Empire Falls Mithras Domingo
Sábado Spanish Latin Latin Trans. Norse Modern
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