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Teenage Wasteland

Discussion & Analysis: Paragraph One

Alana Lee

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of Teenage Wasteland

Teenage Wasteland Why is this Significant? Literary Techniques Imagery & Diction Parallelism Metaphors More Peter Pan... Allusion to 'Peter Pan Complex' The Conflict is in Reality A Parallel is Set... Draw interest and mystery to the main character... Foreshadows a Theme of Defiance/Conflict... Indicates possible Story Plot Structure... What is the Significance of the Opening Paragraph of the Story? "He use to have very blond hair... but this was when he was small..." "...when he was small... As he grew older..." "He use to have very blond hair-almost white-cut shorter than other children's so that... [it would] catch the light. As he grew older, his hair grew darker..." Readers learn gradually that the mother, Daisy, is not of real importance- that the story is a parallel between the son, Donny and his Tutor/Therapist Cal. Tables are turned when the qualities of being the youngest switch as Donny grew older.
Donny's features mature on the outside, but not on the inside.
Cal is too lax of a Tutor/Therapist. His goal is to enjoy himself and promote the same for his "followers"
Mother notices how Cal lacks adult like features (age, demeanor, lifestyle, etc.) Donny doesn't own up to the consequences his actions give him. He's growing up and more responsibilities are falling on him. He's the eldest, but wont accept it.

Again, in his parents eyes- he may look older, but isn't acting the part. It's important to understand the theme of the 'Peter Pan Complex' is laced in this short story: words that create an image... ...between Cal and Donny... Context of paragraph: by Anne Tyler Analysis by Shiyan, Montana, Amatullah, Alana, Imani [AP English IV] A Reader would ask 'who is being described' or 'why is this description significant?' Reader obtains a hint from the author that the plot will transition likely from young to old or find a comparison between young and old characters. "...still an endearing face... But his cheeks... were no longer round, and a sharp new Adam's apple..." A Reader should recognize a distinctive contrast between Light:Dark, Round:Sharp will be applied throughout the text and will lead to conflict. In context of the whole story... Both characters features are described in detail and are similar (young, careless, etc). In addition, this allows readers to find their common ground... Peter Pan Complex: one avoids responsibilities, told they are childish, rather live in fantasy where life is ideal than reality, life lacks direction, lazy, believes fun is more important... and so on. "His hair was as long as Donny's, and his jeans as faded." "...when Amanda was born [...] Donny had acted lost and bewildered."

The Father, Matt, would be "surprised and confused..." when Daisy recited her hardships revolving around Donny.
*Cal's House=Neverland! Where you don't have to grow up.
Why? Lounging, games, appealing music w/theme, more about fun in fantasy while it lasts. *Cal= Peter Pan
Why? No kids, adult demeanor, young life style, finally grown, but wont accept it, nor let go of his old ways, etc.
*Donny=Lost Boy (along with all the other students Cal's "helped")
Why? Growing kid, stuck between adolescent crisis, new responsibilities challenging, easily swayed, dislikes parents, etc. words that carry emotional value... blond white shorter little stood up taffy-colored aqua blue sharp jogged new unusual endearing darker ...old who wants to be young... ...young who doesn't want to be old... "When He was small... As he grew older..." Story as a whole: Cowlicks, hung in lank taffy-colored ropes, jogged in his throat... Cal and his house represented the temptation and consequences of not accepting reality/truth
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