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Heart and Soul

No description

Jordan Davidson

on 16 March 2013

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Transcript of Heart and Soul

boreal-means northern Why is it a good idea to achieve balance between the two? Homework: Write at least a three line poem about love. Heart and Soul By Jordan, Hannah, Grant, and Tyler Did you know? Just as we associate certain emotions with certain organs (love with the heart, thought with the brain), it was once believed that the spleen was the source was of anger and the liver was the source of courage and other strong passions. This gave two idioms: "Vent your spleen" means to get rid of you anger and "lily-livered" is a word to describe someone who has a white, bloodless liver, a complete coward. Discuss Lesson plan:

To teach you about heart,soul,mind, and new vocab. Sophocles play, zephyr-is called a gentle wind
Stoics- ancient philosophers who prided themselves on their ability to suppress their emotions
Hedonists- philosophers who believed that you should act upon your emotions regardless of the consequences
Philia- friendship type of love between friends or family
Agape- general love, a love-your-neighbor type of love
Eros- love defined by physical attraction
Psyche- soul, self, and mind
Allegory- a story told to teach a lesson or illustrate an idea
Boreal- northern
Mortal- human being Are Psyche's sisters typical siblings? (p. 90) Which do you think is more powerful, the heart or mind? If you had to give up one which would you choose? Which image do you like best- teenage Eros or chubby Cupid? (p. 93)
What modern day story did this story remind you of? Why? Some adults criticize "young love" because they feel it relies too strongly on the heart and not enough on the mind. Do you think this is true? (p. 92) Why is it a good idea to achieve a balance between the two? (p. 92) Which is more powerful, the heart or the mind? (p. 92) Vocabulary Fun Fact Antigone Love, unconquerable...
Even the pure immortals cannot escape you,
And mortal man, in his one day's dusk,
Trembles before your glory...
A girl's glance working the will of heaven:
Pleasure to her alone who mocks us,
Merciless Aphrodite. (Sophocles, 422 BC/1977, p.224) The image of Cupid became confused with Christian angels. Now these pictures can be seen on cathedral walls, calendars, and greeting cards to name a few. YouTube video Play Time! You can listen to a play on heart and soul. Here are some things to think about while watching. The Nature of Love:Heart and Soul Heart and Soul The heart and mind drive everything that we
as humans do.If you were all mind and no heart, you would be a robot with no emotions. If you were all heart and no mind, you would be an emotional wreck. You have to keep a balance between the two to achieve a healthy personality. - lesson or moral from the story
- key points
- how the story incorporates love
- what modern day story reminds you of this story? Works Cited Page Hamby, Zachary. Greek Mythology For Teens.
Waco, TX: Prufrock Press, 2011. Print. Time For a Quiz Demonstrate your knowledge of new vocab. Review Game You will play a vocab game to review for a quiz
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