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Anti-Doping Presentation

A presentation used by the BVIOC to educate children about anti-doping. Slides copied from a Caribbean RADO presentation and youth workbook provided by Caribbean RADO to the BVIOC

lindsey nielsen

on 11 February 2013

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Transcript of Anti-Doping Presentation

The Harmful Effects of Drugs Olympic Blues a BVIOC presentation Anti-Doping Awareness Mission :
Promote, coordinate, and monitor, on an international basis, the fight against doping in sport in all its forms.
play true Created in 1999 in Lausanne, Switzerland

Headquarters in Montreal, with offices in Lausanne (Switzerland), Tokyo (Japan), Cape Town (South Africa), and Montevideo (Uruguay)

Funded by the Olympic Movement & governments What is the World Anti-Doping Agency? World Anti-Doping Code

Prohibited List

Athlete Outreach

Out-of-Competition Testing

Accrediting Laboratories Key WADA Activities Why Fight Doping?
Health and Ethical Issues Concern for athlete health

Concern for maintaining ethics in sport

Protect athlete’s right to participate in clean sport and thus promoting health, fairness, and equality for athletes worldwide. Why Bother Trying to Fight Doping? Athletes do it cause it works
Success???? What’s to gain by doping? Fame
Success Be informed – knowledgeable

Look for the signs and act on them

Be an anti-doping advocate – speak out

Don’t be part of the problem How can you help in the fight? Maintain a healthy diet

Ensure that you are physically fit

If you HAVE to use supplements ensure that your doctor knows that you are an athlete

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for what enters your body What can you do? World Anti-Doping Agency
Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport –
Drug Information Database –
That’s Dope.org -
http://www.thatsdope.org/ Where to go for information? www.caribbeanrado.com
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