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2014-2015 Big Ideas@Berkeley pre-proposal writing workshop

No description

Jessica Ernandes

on 13 November 2015

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Transcript of 2014-2015 Big Ideas@Berkeley pre-proposal writing workshop

Big Ideas
Pre-Proposal Writing & Budgeting Workshop
What is Big Ideas?
Launched in 2006, the Big Ideas contest is designed to provide funding, support, and inspiration to undergraduate and graduate students who have "big ideas" aimed at solving university, community, and global problems.

1. Clean & Sustainable Energy Alternatives

2. Conflict & Development*

3. Creative Expression for Social Justice

4. Food System Innovations*

5. Global Health*

6. Improving Student Life

7. Information Technology for Society*

8. Mobiles for Reading*

9. Open Data for Development*

10. Scaling Up Your Big Ideas (for past winners only)*
10 Contest Categories
What Have Past Winners Done?
Engineered water purification systems

Assisted with diagnosis Malaria in remote villages using cell phones

Created opportunities for Cal students to participate in meaningful service activities
Contest Overview
Pre-proposal Stage
Pre-proposal Applications Due
Thursday, Nov. 13 by 12:00pm (noon PST)
Full Proposals Due
Tuesday, March 10, 2015
12:00PM (noon PST)
Mentorship Stage
Full Proposal Stage
People's Choice Video Contest
Notification of Awards
Resources available:
Writing Workshops: 10/22 & 11/3
Editing Blitz: 11/12
Office Hours with Big Ideas Advisors: ongoing!
To schedule an appointment: bigideas@berkeley.edu
Finalists notified
in early December
& all participants receive feedback from judges
Finalists are paired with mentors associated with Big Ideas. Mentors will work with teams 1-2 hours per week for 8 weeks
Contest Rules
Proposal Elements
What are the Judges Looking For?
300 Word Summary
Summary of your idea and its intended impact

Explain to the judges what will be achieved by the project
50 Word Summary
This is your elevator pitch!
Needs Statement

Collect background data on the need to be addressed so that your arguments are well-documented:

Research/statistics on the problem
Research/statistics about the community you wish to serve or market you’ll be entering
Research what has been done in the past to address this problem and where those solutions fell short
Describes when the specific activities that will take place to achieve the objects

Timeline may be impacted by the award dispersal: note that awards will not be dispersed until June 2014!

Important to be reasonable and realistic. You want to show the judges that you can accomplish your project in a reasonable amount of time, but don’t promise more than your team can realistically do.
Team Bios

Goal is to convince judges that your team has the capabilities to do what you say you'll do

Note relevant accomplishments, training, and areas of expertise
Preliminary Budget
You will not be able to pin down all the expenses associated with the project until the program details and timing have been worked out.

At this stage you do need to sketch out the broad outlines of the budget to be sure that the costs are in reasonable proportion to the outcomes you anticipate.

If it appears that the costs will be prohibitive, you should then scale back your plans or adjust them to remove the least cost-effective expenditures.

The goal is to convince the judges that you have a realistic idea of how much your project will cost and have promising leads for how to cover those costs.

Use budget template (handout and on website), and alter it as necessary
Let's look at some examples!
Wait! I need more resources!
Office Hours

Contact Information
Phillip Denny & Jenna Hahn

Note: Big Ideas may publicly disseminate the information you provide in this section.
Note: Big Ideas may publicly disseminate the information you provide in this section.
Summary of Project
Summary of the nuts and bolts of your project and how it works
Goals and objectives
Focus on first year of implementation
If you expect to encounter implementation challenges, briefly address them
If you plan to significantly scale, note this (but do not focus on this)
Judges are instructed to consider, above all else, how innovative and creative your project idea is
creativity = 40%
addresses a pressing social issue = 20%
project viability = 10%
professional quality = 10%
preliminary budget (1st year only) = 10%
category specific question = 10%
1-2 Pages
1-2 Pages
1/2 page
1/2 page
1 page
Writing & Budgeting Workshop 11/3

Editing Blitz 11/12 6:30-8:30
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