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Maria Tutaia

No description

Aria McLean

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of Maria Tutaia

Maria's Family: Rosa, Rina, Maria, Niukini and Viona
-Maria Tutaia played netball for the Auckland Diamonds during the National Bank Cup from 2005–2007. With the start of the ANZ Championship in 2008, she signed Waikato Bay of Plenty "Magic", partnering with Irene van Dyk in the shooting circle.

Maria played with the "Magic" for two years, before transferring back to Auckland to play with the "Northern Mystics", starting in 2010.
Maria Tutaia's Netball Career
Maria moved to Hamilton to play for the "Magic" for 2 seasons in 2008. She moved back to her hometown in West Auckland to be with her Family, and transferred to the "Northern Mystics" starting in 2010. The tattoo on Maria Tutaia is her family name. Maria Tutaia is a netball star. She is the youngest of six siblings. She comes from a very strict family. Maria wasn't shy about letting people know how important her family is to her. Niukini and Fuisami are the parents of Maria Tutaia. Maria has a particularly strong bond with her mum Niukini, and describes Niukini as the bomb.
Maria's Family Background
-Won Gold at the 2006 Melbourne Netball Commonwealth Games

-Won Silver at the 2007 Auckland Netball World Championships

-Won Gold at the 2009 Manchester World Netball Series

-Won Gold at the 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games

- Won Silver at the 2011 Liverpool World Netball Series
Maria's Achievements:
Full name: Solonaima Maria Tuta'ia
Born: 18 February 1987 (age 27)
Tokoroa, Waikato, New Zealand
Height: 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
School: Mount Albert Grammar School[1]
Relatives: Siliva Siliva (ACT Brumbies)
Faifili Levave (Wellingston Hurricanes)
About Maria
Maria Tutaia
By Aria:)
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