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No description

Hunter Alston

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Saltie

THE SALTWATER CROCODILE Phyiscal Characteristics A mature Saltwater crocodile can weigh from
1,300 lbs to 2,200 lbs and be 14-18 ft long but
some mature males can grow to be 20 ft and
weigh 2,900 lbs on the other hand females can
be much smaller ranging from 7-11 feet long. This
is called sexual diomorphism.
crocodiles have 68-70 teeth in the mouth and
loose them constantly so they can go through about
3000 teeth in one lifetime The saltwater crocodile has armour plates on its
back but has less plates around the neck area than
most other crocodilians Younger Saltwater crocs will appear much lighter in their early stages but once they mature they become a much darker color Diet and their habitats Saltwater crocs prefer to live in river estuaries
and can be found in the oceans of Australia and indonesia. prime hunting areas for these crocs are in murchy waters so they cant be seen so it is very dangerous to be near the murchy watersedge because even though it seems nothing isthere.......there probably is The saltwater croc has a very wide ranged diet.
they can eat small crabs and lizards and snakes
but they can also take done much larger prey like dingos kangaroos livestock buffalos and the occasional person....... though very rare Mating season is usually during the wet season. Males will patrol their stretch of the river protecting their territory. The females will lay eggs after 4-6 weeks and will lay 40-60 eggs Ancestry of the Saltwater crocodile the crocodile hasnt changed since pre historic times.
it is pretty much the same thing that swam in the ocean
and esturaries millions of years ago. it is a living breathing
Dinosaur GOMEK Largest Saltie in captivity in the united states
he was 18 ft long and over 2000lbs
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