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Geography Region Comparison:Windsor,Ontario and Halifax,Nova Scotia

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Jacob LeBel

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Geography Region Comparison:Windsor,Ontario and Halifax,Nova Scotia

Geography region comparison. Windsor,ontario and Halifax,nova scotia. landforms Windsor is mostly lowlands and plains. this is good for growing wheat. Halifax is mostly uplands. Around it, it has low mountains and plains. They can use the plains to grow wheat and the low mountains for diffrent crops. Climate Both Halifax and Windsor Have Similar Climates but halifax gets colder because it is close to water. Natural Vegetation Windsor has mostly beech, sugar maple, Black walnut, Coniferous, Hickory, and red oak trees.
Halifax is over 50% natural vegetation and this includes red spruce, balsam fir, maple, and yellow birch trees. Agriculture In Both places the main export is Wheat. Most likely because the climate and land together are a perfect enviroment for growing wheat. Endangerment In Windsor the Blanchards Cricket frog is endangered. And In Halifax the Roseta tern is threatened.
= Wheat Bread Population The windsor population is around 250 000 The Halifax population is around 350 000 Windsor Halifax summary T-Chart Landform: Mostly Lowlands and plains Landform: Mostly Uplands. Also includes low mountains and plains. Climate:Both places have about the same climate. Natural vegetation: Mostly beech, sugar maple, black walnut, hickory, and red oak trees. As well as coniferous. Natural Vegetation: Halifax is over 50 % forest. this is mostly red spruce, balsam fir, maple, and yellow birch trees. most likely with coniferouse trees aswell. Agriculture: both regions grow alot of grain. Endangerment: In windsor the blanchard cricket frog is endangered. Endangerment: in Halifax the roseta tern is threatened. population: about 250 000 people in windsor population: about 350 000 people in halifax. Most of the rivers Near halifax Drain water into the Atlantic drainage basin. Notes|
Sackville river
Halifax river. Some of these rivers are the Halifax river and the sackville river. In windsor Most of the water drains into the great lakes. Some of these rivers are the detroit river, little river, And belle river. Drainage: Great Lakes Drainage: THe atlantic drainage basin Thank you for listening to my prezi. Halifax also gets a little more rain. Windsor Climate Percipitation halifax Climate Percipitation
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