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North CA

No description


on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of North CA

where the fun happens
time line of NC
road trip distance:
Monday, February 17, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
historic location
fun facts
Economic Location
Geographic location
political location
Intresting and fun
1. Calabash has world's best sea food
2. A water way leads right through it
3. Large marshes make most of it
4. Many boats come to dock
5. Makes great key lime pie
6. Beautiful beaches and coast
7. Beautiful sunsets
8. Fun 4th of July's
9. Many casino boats
10. Look out for alligators!!
1. It is the shape of a grand father's head
2. The swinging bridge to the right is 5,280 feet up in the air, scary
3.You can hike to the very top and have a picnic
4. It is one of the most visited places in NC
5. There is a museum,a fudge shop,ice cream shop,and a gift shop at the bottom of the mountain
6. The road up is so long races are run on it(Emma's uncle and mom have ran in them)

The lost colony of Roanoke goes back to the year 1711 . Their mayor went back to England to get more supplies. When he came back no one was there but all their stuff was. there was still stuff on stoves, but there was no trace of human life. And to this very point no one knows what happened.
1. Carowinds is a amusement park in NC

Grand father mountain
the lost colony of Roanoke
North Carolina
By Emma E. & Henry M.
State bird Cardinal
State abbreviation NC
State nick name Tar Heel State
State motto To be, rather then to seem
State flower Flowering Dogwood
State fish Channel Bass
State gem Emerald

State song the Old North State
State tree Long Leaf Pine
State capitol Raleigh
Largest city Charlotte (my home for 5 yrs)
Counties 100
Longest river Cape Fear River

1. Every one disappeared
2.Everything was still in tack
3.The only trace of people was a word written in a tree the word was
4. the first English colony baby was born in roanoke
2. It is located in Charlotte, NC
4. It is one of the most visited amusement parks in NC (Emma's cousins live 3 1\2 hours away and go at least 2 times a year)
1. Raleigh is known as the city of oaks because of its wild number of oak trees
Raleigh is home to NC state
3.Raleigh's mayor is Nancy McFarlane
4. Raleigh looks beautiful at night
Treasure map
political map
physical map
topographic map
a map that shows rain fall
a map that shows the way to treasure
a map that shows the borders of counties
a map that shows elevation and rivers/lakes/oceans
1712 north and south Carolina separated
1853 1st NC state fair held
1989 hurricane Hugo struck
2011 hurricane Irene made land fall
2014 we made a prezi on NC
1. Raleigh is the capital
2.US state abrivation NC
3. Governor Pat McCrory (R)
4. Senators 2 Richard Burr
(R) Kay Hagen (D)
5.USA representatives 14 (R 9)
(D 4)
6. State representatives 50
1. 28th largest state
2.53,821 sq. miles
3.beautiful waterfalls
4.Good river rapids
5.Red clay comes from NC
6. From east to the west land slopes upward
1. Seafood capitol of the world
2. Farming, raising turkeys, and raising hogs still makes good money for NC
3.Forest provide lumber
4. Offices, banks and insurance company's dominate the sky line
5. Tourists come to see the beauty of NC
6. The economy almost completely relies on NC agriculture
Charlotte (carowinds) to Calabash is 150 miles
Calabash to Grand father MT is 240 miles
Grand Father MT to Raleigh is 270 miles
Raleigh to Roanoke is 260 miles
Total road trip distance:920
3. It is on the border of NC and SC
Extra awesome
NC is first in flight that means they had the first working airplane which was created by the Wright Brothers in Kitty Hawk
This is a song about NC
Thank you for watching !
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