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On Fire!

Early Growth of the Catholic Church. This is for an 8th grade PSR class. It combines the contents of Chpts. 7 & 8 of our text. The (pauses) are for in-class activities.

Leslie Thompson

on 23 September 2017

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Transcript of On Fire!

The apostles gathered in an upper room with Mary, the mother of Jesus, to pray after Christ's ascension.
Ten days later they heard a loud wind noise, and the Holy Spirit descended upon them in tongues of fire. At this point they received spiritual gifts that transformed them forever. They were given the power to touch the lives of people all over the world.
They ran into the streets and began to tell people about Jesus.
Each person in the crowd understood the apostles in his or her own language.
More than three thousand became believers that day!
The courage to

but they were compelled to spread the Good News
the Way of Christ for ALL!
Each disciple of Christ faced danger
because of their faith.
Martyrdom was a real possibility.
The Early Church
Who belongs?
Who decides?
Christ left the authority with the Church.
Jews & Gentiles
Compiles the books of the Bible
The Word of God INCLUDES tradition
The Roman Emperor converts to Christianity!
Through the Edict of Milan in 313 A.D.,
Emperor Constantine & the world's super power, Rome, grants freedom of religion to Christians
- ending the Great Persecution.
Christianity Flourishes!
...but dangers lie within...
The Church
defends the Truth
against heresies!
Warriors Against The Heresies
exposing the lies
defending the truth
arming the faithful
Can you tell a heresy from the truth?
It's time for a...
close... but not quite what we mean...
A meeting of the successors of the Apostles.
A meeting about the Truth of our faith.
An ecumenical council!
The Nicene Creed
- our proclamation of faith -
was written in the year 325.
The Holy Spirit
inspired a firm definition
of what we believe.
Get back,
ye heresies!!
In 431, Mary was declared
truly the Mother of God.
Christ Jesus is one person with two natures
- fully divine & fully human -
A basic tenant of our faith was solidified in 451 at the Council of Chalcedon.
Our Holy Catholic Church
hands the faith on to you through her
Cherish & nurture your faith!
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