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Similarities & Differences of Gatsby & Winter Dreams

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Janet Posada

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Similarities & Differences of Gatsby & Winter Dreams

The Great Gatsby
Winter Dreams

Diana Aguilar
Jaqueline Martinez
Similarities: Both Gatsby and Dexter are trying to find their loves and be with them but in the end a tragedy happens and the girls leave their side and go with someone else.
Similarites: When you have the wealth , in the end you are not happy about how everything turned out on what you have hoped for.
Gatsby & Dexter
Gatsby is Determined to get daisy back.
Gatsby is a mysterious person and a liar.
Gatsby runs a illegal business on how he gets money.
Gatsby waited for daisy for 5 years.
Dexter is an outgoing person
Dexter moves on from judy and gets married.
End up without the girl they love
Both want an american dream
They are both wealthy
Take place in 1920's
Daisy & Judy
Daisy is giving attention
Daisy got very wealthy because of her
Daisy wouldn't leave Tom for Gatsby ; even when he died she left with tom and her child
Judy looks for so much attention from others.
Judy marries man and has a family.
Both of the women love gatsby and dexter.
The girls didnt fall for their first love
But they fell in love with dexter or gatsby
They are both gold diggers and only want money from dexter and gatsby
Differences: In the story Winter Dreams Judy runs away from dexter and can care less on how he feels.
In the Great Gatsby Daisy all she cared about was gatsby money and when he died she went right back to tom.
Differences: In the Great Gatsby, Gatsby has been waiting and inlove with daisy for 5 years and knows that she has never changed but dies and she is not right beside him but with another man.
Dexter loves the memory of Judy but isnt in love with her anymore because he has moved on and has married another women and ends up without her.
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