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Copy of The Last Dog by: Katherine Paterson

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hayden renikow

on 26 October 2014

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Transcript of Copy of The Last Dog by: Katherine Paterson

Brock wants to leave the dome because he is really curious on what is outside the dome. Brock wears a helmet to be able to breath the air outside the dome. After he leaves he walks for hours then finds a puppy by its dead mother. Brock names the puppy Brog and then brings Brog back to the dome. The people in the dome think Brog has rabies, so Brock pretends to have rabies then bites Brog to get Brog to bite him. Then all the scientist think they both have rabies.
The Last Dog by: Katherine Paterson
Brog is the puppy that was saved by brock
Title and Author
The author of The Last Dog is Katherine Paterson. Interesting facts about the author: Katherine was born on October 31st, 1932, born in China. She is now 81 with one son named David L. Paterson. The types of books she writes are children and non fiction.
Books by Katherine Paterson
Rising Action
The rising action in this story was when Brog over heard some scientists in the dome talking about Brog having rabies. Then Brock bit Brog to pretend he had rabies too.
Brock was made in a dome. He always wondered what was outside of the dome he lived in. People had gone out of the laboratory before, but they never returned. Brock wanted to see what was outside. He wore a space suit and brought a day worth or water and food, and went outside. Brock walked for hours, then he found a puppy by its dead mother. Brock brought the puppy back to the dome. Brock named the puppy Brog, Brock loved his new little friend. But one night in the laboratory Brock over heard some of the people in the dome talking about a Brog having rabies. Then Brock bit Brog so hard that there was blood, then Brog turned and bit him. Then every scientist in the dome thought Brock had rabies. They all fled the room and Brock and Brog left the dome with happiness.
What we think might happen next: We think that after Brog and Brock leave they walk for days. They were becoming hopeless! All of a sudden Brog starts to bark and bark over and over, Brock asks what was wrong then Brog took off. Brock took off after him and Brog started wagging his tail, there were people! There was a whole different world full of animals and people! Brog ran around and played with all the other animals and Brock met some friends and they lived happily ever after.
Main Characters
The main characters are Brog and Brock. Brock is the person who brings Brog the dog to the dome he lived in.
The story takes place at a dome/laboratory. It takes place in the future.
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