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Element's Of Short Stories

By Nicole and Maddi

Nicole c

on 2 November 2012

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Transcript of Element's Of Short Stories

Elements of Short Stories Themes 1.Lesson.
What you might learn from reading a story.
ex.The Help- we learned that African American people were treated poorly in the past and that we need to respect them with equal right. 2.Thesis.
"The central learning that an author wants the reader to obtain from the story."
ex. The Notebook-Its shows that true love will prevail. 3.Big Ideas.
The biggest idea that the story is based on.
ex. The Lottery- the idea that people can be violent and cruel 4.Moral.
"The teaching from the story is stated explicitly in the story."
ex. Charlie- some parents don't know enough about their kids. Characters 1.Main types-
Protagonist, the main character that changes through out the story.ex) Harry Potter
Antagonist, the character that affects the protagonist.ex) Lord Voldemort 4. Genre, Style
Type of story- romance,
dystopian, sci -fi, fantasy ex) The Hunger Games, The Help, Harry Potter, The Lottery and Barney 5. Plot - 5 parts- examples from the Notebook.
Introduction-When Allie and Noah meets in the fair.
Rising Action- they start to fall in love
Climax- they are separated and they get back together
Falling Action- they live happily ever after with kids
Denouement -they die in peace 6. Setting-has 2 parts, examples from The Notebook.
Place-in New York
Time-in summer of 1986
The setting is important because it sets the mood of the story. . 2. Pairs of sub types-
round vs flat-a character that we know a lot about vs a character we don't know a lot about. ex) Mr. Summers vs one of the kids that was playing with others. realistic vs stereotype- natural and every day character vs standard characters that are in lots of stories.ex)Allie and Noah from The Notebook vs the wizards from Harry Potter. dynamic vs static- changed by the course of the story vs unchanged by events. ex) Harry Potter vs Charlie 3. Conflict
a problem and a solution

kinds of conflict-
person vs. person, Katniss vs President Snow
Person vs. self, Charlie vs himself(Laurie)
Person vs. nature, Dorothy vs the tornado
Person vs. technology, character vs computer
Person vs. society, Katniss vs The Capital
Person vs supernatural, character vs god Kinds or writing - novel, novella, short story, narrative poem, play, screenplay ex) Charles, Romeo and Juliet, Singing in the Rain
Language used - slang or idiom, ect. "that is mostly demonstrated in dialogue or characters. Can also be used to set tone or writing" By: Nicole Cho and Maddi Eaton vs vs vs
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