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Sonnets 18 and 130

No description

Kristin Carey

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Sonnets 18 and 130

Sonnets 18 and 130

They are similar because they are both comparing looks. They are both talking about beauty. In both he is comparing beauty to something.
They are different because sonnet 18 is the responsibility of being beautiful. Sonnet 130 is real beauty vs. cliche beauty. Sonnet 18 he is talking about a guy. Sonnet 130 he is describing his mistress.
Shakespeare as a poet
Was an English poet and playwright.
Shakespeare was the greatest poet in the English language.
Shakespeare was often known as England's national poet.
Shakespeare's sonnets 18 & 130 are similar in different ways... they have the same style, meter, and rhyme scheme; however they also are very different in theme and offer conflicting perspectives of beauty.
Sonnet 18
In sonnet 18, Shakespeare is writing about comparing the man to a Summers day. Shakespeare is basically saying that nothing can compare to him. He is asking should he compare him to a summers day. He is basically saying that there isn't one more lovely. He is also comparing the mans beauty to nature.
The problem in sonnet 18 is that there's nothing to compare him to.
The resolution is that he gives life to him.
The theme in this sonnet is the responsibility or being beautiful. "Shall I compare thee to a summer's day? Thou art more lovely and more temperate;"
Impact: Setting a new standard for perfection, his love or his poem.
Sonnet 130
In sonnet 130, Shakespeare is comparing his mistress to everything. He saying that her eyes aren't like the sun, her lips aren't that red, her hair is wiry, her cheeks are rosy red, his mistress reeks of perfume, loves hearing her talk.. etc.
The problem is that she is not pleasing to the eye.
The resolution is he tries to compare her to better things.
The theme for sonnet 130 is real beauty vs. cliche beauty.
"and in some perfumes is there more delight, than in breath that from my mistress reeks."
Impact: Discrediting the cliches of other love poems with his more real description of love- one that is not based on beauty.
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