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Turkey: Joey M, Lucas H, David R, Jake R. Nick T.

Joey Morris

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Turkey

Turkey The population of Turkey is 79,749,461 people. The Turkish Flag is a white crescent with an also white star to the near right of the crescent. The background is a solid red. Turkey is a mostly Muslim country, with 99 percent of it's population being Muslim. Life expectancy is 77 years for males and females. The capital of turkey is Ankara. This is where Turkey is located on the map Turkey is slightly bigger than Texas. This is two pictures of Turkey closer to scale The Turkish national anthem is "Istiklal Marsi" (Independence March). Tobacco, cotton, grain, olives are some of few agricultural products of Turkey. A famous lost city that resides in Turkey is called Troy. It was destroyed during the Greek and Turkish war. Turkey's internet code is .tr male: 700,079
female: 670,328 The external debt of Turkey is $306.7 billion, as of 2011. The current account balance of the nation of Turkey is -$77.24 billion. The official currency of Turkey is the Turkish Lira (TL). "Hey, Group! We have just crossed the border into this wonderful nation, called Turkey. No, the Turkey is not the country's symbolic bird. Turkey's area is 783,562 km² To start off our tour, I'm going to show some basic facts of Turkey. Maybe it will spark some more interest in the country, or maybe it won't, but this is our standard procedure, so lets get on with the show! The climate of Turkey is temperate, dry summers with mild, wet winters. Turkey is the home of Istanbul. This country is 2,600 years old. We begin at the flag!" The Gray Wolf (or Grey Wolf) is the national animal of Turkey. Turkey has served for the Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, and the Ottoman Empire for 1,600 years. Turkey became a country when Kemal Ataturk brought an end to the Ottoman Empire by removing the last Sultan. He changed the system,the government, the laws, their dresses,their hair style, even the alphabet. Thus, the nation of Turkey was born. The main religion in Turkey is Islam. Edirne was the capitol of the Ottoman empire before the conquest for Istanbul. Now it as a huge wrestling tournament every year for the past 700 years. Abdullah Gul is the 11th and current president of the nation of Turkey. Though his purpose is solely ceremonial, he is an important part of the Turkish government.The true "leader" of Turkey is the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoan. He holds the majority of the seats in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, and is the one man that swings votes one way or another. Now, we'll begin on the next part of our tour, everyone off the bus! Turkey has the monument called Ataturk Monuments. This translates into, "Father of the Turks." Turkey's major traing partners are Russia, Germany, Italy, France, the UK, China, and the US. Turkey is mostly mountains, with
narrow coastal plains. Now, here we will end our presentation, and start our physical tour. Into the wonderful world of Turkey and its surrounding areas. Thank you for participating in our mandatory presentation, and enjoy your time in Turkey Turkey isn't an easy place to live. About 46% of people 15-64 DO have a paid jobs. USA is 36%. Turkey only makes 20,000 for an average person. By: Luccas Hallow Jake Ramsey Joey Morris Nick Tonne David Rarity The typical day for a Turkish 12 year old:
7 AM: Wake up for school and eat breakfast
8 AM: Walk to school
8:45 AM: First class starts
12 PM: Walk home to eat lunch
1:15 PM: Walk back to school
2 PM: Classes end, study hall starts
3:30 PM: Study hall ends
5 PM: Go to park or other public places.
7 PM: Help family prepare dinner
8 PM: Eat dinner
10 PM: Go to bed, and repeat the cycle! A typical day in Turkey is school starts at 9:15 A.M. and ends at 5 P.M. tits Turkish Tour Guides military significant age
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