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Speed of Sound

No description

Amanda Lynch

on 16 March 2017

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Transcript of Speed of Sound

Speed of Sound
Starter Activity
Create a mind map with your partner on communication - ways we communicate, what equipment do we use to communicate.

What is communication?
Learning Intentions
To be able to describe a method of measuring the speed of sound in air (using v=d/t).
To be able to give an example which shows that the speed of light is greater than the speed of sound.
Aim: To measure the speed of sound in air.

Hypothesis: I think the speed of sound in air is.......
Set up the apparatus as shown.
Generate the sound using the two sections of wood.
As the sound passes the first sound sensor it starts the timer and as it passes the second sound sensor it stops the timer.
Measure the distance between the sensors and use the time recorded to travel this distance in the relationship v=d/t, to find the speed of sound.

Examples which illustrate that the speed of sound is greater than the speed of light?
Measuring the Speed of Sound
In conclusion, we measured the speed of sound in air as .........
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