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What is a crop circle and how and why do they appear?

Zack Aylward

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of IRT

IRT What is a crop circle and
how and why do they appear? Book Review England Fine Arts InformatIon Report For my fine arts, I did a painting of a crop circle in a field. I first went to the art shop in Newtown, to get all of the supplies I needed. Then, when I got home I painted the entire canvas blue. Next, I brushed on the green paint onto a section of the canvas. I then dabbed on the gold paint using a sponge. On the next weekend, I cut the sheet of copper into strips, and stapled those strips into circles. Then, I stuck the circles of copper onto the canvas using a hot glue gun, with my dads help.
Acrylic Paints,
Copper Sheets,
Glue. Corny NARRATIVE learning log entries Today Ms Vitel told us the main components of the IRT. I am really happy. I finally came up with a question. It is very annoying, as I keep on forgetting my question, and I never get to tell it to people. I am quite nervous about the IRT. My question covers a vast area, and the amount of things we have to do is quite worrying. I definitely hope my nerves go away , so that I can work a lot better First Entry: 17/7/2012 Puzzle tIme The Book Thank you for watching, are there any questions? !!YAY!! !!puzzle!! afrIcan crop cIrcle Matt rIdley SCARY rOBERT PLOT bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crop_circle www.cropcirclesecrets.org/ crop circles, history, research and theory's.
Author:Eva-Marie Brekkesto. (2011) sacred geometry (sorry, forgot the web address.) DVD: crop circles, quest for truth 2nd Last entry:
5/9/2012 I'm going great. I've finished all my texts, and I am well into my presentation speech. I present next Friday, so I need to finish my prezi and find a presentation buddy by then. I hope I get it all done. I'm really nervous about my presentation, but hopefully everything turns out fine.
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