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Selling and Purchasing an Agency

Mike Ginsberg's presentation for the Commercial Collection Agencies of America's 2016 Annual Meeting

Kaulkin Ginsberg

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Selling and Purchasing an Agency

1. Not Creating Competition
Pitfalls to Avoid
Personal Reasons
Why Owners Sell
Industry Buyers
Who's Making Acquisitions?
Sustainable performance
What Drives Value?
Pricing in
Today's Market
Mike Ginsberg
President & CEO
Kaulkin Ginsberg
About Mike Ginsberg
Selling & Purchasing an Agency
Looking at it from Both Sides of the Table
Corporate Activity
Macro Market-Level Changes
Financial Investors
Buyers from Related Industries
2. Hockey Stick Projections
3. Abandoning Your Strategy
4. Distracting the Team
6. Fuzzy Objectives
5. Pricing Ignorance
7. Making a Bad
First Impression
The Seller's Hand
The Buyer's Hand
Proven leadership with a plan
Financial controls
Low levels of client concentration
Appropriate capital investments
Strong position in a growth market
(240) 499-3800
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