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Halo documentary

A documentary on the Halo series, a breif summary, and why it is, in my opinion, the best FPS game to date.

Jaden Reimer

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Halo documentary

The history of Halo has been there since nearly the beginning of FPS (First Person Shooter) gaming, and has revolutionized the way gaming has evolved. In this presentation, I will show you the timeline of this epic game, and why this is a very intriguing topic to me. In advance, don't take me for some crazy person who plays video games 24/7, but I felt this game deserved some credit. Halo: Combat Evolved Halo 2 Halo 3 Halo 3: ODST Game Progression The Covenant Grunts Elites Alien Species Jackals Brutes Drones Halo: CE Anniversary Halo Reach Halo 4 :D Prophets Hunters The Forerunners An aggressive alien empire composed of several races unified by their devotion to worshiping the long-extinct Forerunners and their relics; and destroying those who stand in their way. Their belief is that if the Halo array is fired, it will cause them to ascend and propel the faithful to godhood in an event called the Great Journey, but will in fact wipe out all sentient life in the galaxy. Unggoy
(Monachus Frigus) The Unggoy, known as "Grunts", are methane breathers, requiring them to carry tanks and masks on the battlefield. They are the cannon fodder and labourers of the Covenant, being smallest and weakest. To compensate for this, Grunts are sent into battle in large numbers, using overwhelming force (and plenty of grenades) to kill their enemies. Grunts often use pistols, and in gameplay they have terrible aim, prone to friendly fire and panicking without a leader. Kig-Yar
(Perosus Latrunculus) Jackals are a race of vicious avians who serve as light infantry and snipers for the Covenant. Jackals are second last only to Grunts in the Covenant Hierarchy (creating a fierce rivalry), though they are quite a bit smarter. A less common, more powerful breed of Jackals called skirmishers are found in Halo: Reach. Jirilhanae
(Servus Ferox) A brutal and barbaric race, the Brutes have reduced themselves to savagery via nuclear war on their homeworld several times in their history. The Brutes are known in combat and gameplay for their strong pack mentality and tendency to go berserk and charge their enemies bare handed. Their violent nature is reflected in their weapons and vehicles, which often have massive blades and projectile weapons mounted on them. The Brutes have a strong rivalry with the Elites as the third/second highest position/race in the covenant. Brutes are also not very intelligent, preferring to kill/eat their enemies as opposed to interrogating them. Where it all began. After the Pillar of Autumn fled the burning planet Reach, it emerges in orbit around a massive planet-scale ring construct known as a Halo. Unfortunately, the Covenant fleet arrived there first. After taking severe damage, all hands, including the Master Chief abandon ship as it crashes, stranding the crew on the installation. The Master Chief discovers that the ring is a weapon built hundreds of thousands of years ago by an extinct race, the relics of which the Covenant regard as sacred. Unfortunately, in finding the rings purpose, they unknowing released a terrifying plague from a lab, the flood, Master Chief must find a way to contain this plague as well as get out alive. While Master Chief is on a defense station in orbit around Earth he discovers that on another installation, the Covenant intend on activating one of these other super powerful devices. Realising this, Master Chief attempts to retrieve the activation index for the Halo before the Covenant do, resulting in the index falling into the hands of the Covenant. Both the Chief and a Covenant agent known as the Arbiter are recruited against their will by an entity known as Grave mind, the collective intelligence of the parasitic Flood, to retake the index and stop Halo from being activated. The Prophets replace the top species in the Covenant, the Elites, with a more barbaric race, the Brutes, resulting in a civil war which causes the Elites to ally with humanity. Master Chief and the Arbiter work together to stop the Covenant leader who intends to activate the Halo before it is fully charged, resulting in a premature cancellation that puts all 6 installations on standby to fire from a mysterious place called the Ark. On the militaristic planet Reach, the UNSC (United Nations Space Command) must defend from the onslaught of Covenant forces, sending Noble Team, an elite group of spartans, on various missions to repel this oncoming fleet, but to no avail. The Covenant eventually use massive beams of energy to glass the planet Reach, along with most of its inhabitants. Crawlers Promethean Knight Watcher The Didact Halo takes place from 2525 (First encounter with the Covenant) to 2557 from the events of Halo 4, in a futuristic galaxy of space travel and alien species. The Halos were primarily created as circular rings, seven for each part of the galaxy, made to destroy the Flood by killing the one thing necessary to their existence: their food supply. In an indirect way, this seemed to subdue the Flood, until a massive contagion broke loose again. In a final attempt to preserve the species of the galaxy, they created the Ark, to store a small population of each species, in an attempt to prevent the Flood from destroying all life in the galaxy, and with luck, it worked. The Forerunners were an ancient race whose empire covered three million habitable planets in the Galaxy approximately 100,000 years ago. The Forerunners were the creators and builders of many significant installations, including the Halo Array, the Ark, and the Shield Worlds (Requiem for example), as well as numerous lesser artifacts later found on many worlds. Crawlers are a violent brute force composed of dog-like mechanical beings who will swarm in larger numbers, although will regroup if there are not sufficient numbers, and will charge if a knight's shield breaks. Knights are the most imposing beings on the battlefield, with highly advanced technology in weaponry and devices to overpower and destroy the enemy. They were primarily Forerunners but as the need for more warriors that would not be so easily infected by the Flood arose, voulenteers were converted into a robotic state of mind and then put into mechanical bodies. In this accompaniment of Halo 3, Halo 3: ODST follows an elite team of ODSTs (Orbital Drop Shock Troopers) during the invasion of Earth. Knocked off course due to the Mombasa Slipspace Incident caused by the Covenant, these five Marines lead by an ONI officer fight through the waste-filled, destroyed streets in order to regroup with each other, evade the Covenant, and execute a top secret mission.
The game takes off directly after the events of the Halo 2 level, Metropolis, when the Prophet of Regret performs a slipspace jump in New Mombasa. Master Chief falls from atmosphere in an east African jungle to be found by Sergeant Johnson and his team of marines, and through Covenant resistance are rescued. The plans they had made about preventing the Propet of Truth from firing the Halo array are interrupted when a Covenant strike force infiltrates the base Crows Nest. Eventually they mamage to regroup and mount a strike against the Prophet of Truth, in the end proving useless with the Propet escaping to the structure that will fire the array. When a Covenant cruiser drops out of slipspace with flood on board, an outbreak of the Flood is attempted to be contained by the humans, and the Elites loyal to the humans helped also to contain the outbreak, as well as Maser Chief retrieving Cortana, but only a recorded message, from the crashed ship. Deciding to trust her message, they lauch a mission to prevent Truth from firing the rings, and a possible more threatening danger of the Flood. Preventing the rings from being fired for the moment, they have left the Flood to go rampant, and must stop the Flood by using a localized ring blast in construction. Watchers are quite possibly the most annoying enemies you will face in the game. Serving as a hugely effective support unit, they have the ability to spawn enemies, create shields, lob grenades back at the thrower, revive fallen knights, and run and hide when shot at. They are very effective at helping their allies and will cause you immense hardship when attacking. The most advised method of attack would be to destroy all watchers before commencing the attack. This game is a renovated version of the original Halo Combat Evolved, with new graphics similar to that of Halo Reach, following the same plot with renewed quality, along with the multiplayer of Halo Reach and many newer features The Flood Pure Flood forms are a very heavy unit, being able to morph into three different types: crawlers, long ranged, and the tank. Infection forms are the most common flood unit, and will swarm their enemy, leaping at any unprotected flesh for the chance to connect with the nervous system of their enemies. They are incredibly agile and are able to infect the living and dead. The flood carrier is higly dangerous in close combat for its explosive capabilities, to spread infection forms to surround and infect their enemies. The Flood are a collective race of infectious parasites, mainly consuming and destroying any species that cross their path. When they infect a host, they morph its body to suit their needs to advance their consumption. These were a huge threat when they became a full-blown contagion, and after disarming their military in a time of peace, the Forerunners were very unprepared for the attack. This species is almost unstoppable because no matter how many super weapons are used, there is always a spore that can restart it all. Combat forms are the common flood used to attack during an invasion to kill most defending forces. They have an uncanny ability to jump large distances and their bodies will be reinfected if left unharmed. The Gravemind is the collective intelligence of the Flood. Without a Gravemind the Flood are a wild, uncontrollable force, with the instinct to create a Gravemind to lead them. It is a collective of infected biomass, made into a living consciousness. After Master Chief is awakened from his long sedated sleep, he finds the Covenant invading the wrecked ship he is on. After escaping he finds much more than the Covenant is at work here. The shield world Requiem, the largest Forerunner artifact to date, carries a hidden power, the Promethean, and the Forerunner general the Didact. Now awake, the Didact searches to destroy the human race, and Master Chief must stop him. Hunters are a heavy unit of the Covenant force. With a fuel rod cannon embedded in their arm and armour for protection, these are very dangerous creatures to encounter. However simply a collection of worm entities, these are not to be dealt with easily. Drones are flying creatures, commonly carrying pistols and rapid fire weapons, using overwhelming force to take down their enemies. When in large numbers, these can become quite a nuisance when in groups, and taking them out one by one can be quite difficult. Elites are the most imposing of the Covenant, with various weapons used to kill their enemies, heavy shielding, and large physique. In Halo 4, after the downfall of the Brutes, they are the commanding troops of Grunts and Jackals. In comparison to Spartans, these are just as strong and in many ways superior to you, so precautions must be taken to effectively succeed in the battlefield The last living Forerunner. During the war with Humans and the Flood he was the general of the Forerunner army. Partly because of the war with them, but also because he blames them for the death of his wife, he has never had a love for humans, and his disliking becomes a hatred during the game. Reawakened in Halo 4, he intends to destroy humanity with the Composer, a machine that converts living beings into mechanical intelligences. Halo Timeline Covenant first encounter/attack of Harvest 2525 September, 2552 Fall of Reach Destruction of Halo installation 04 July, 2552 Destruction of Halo installation 04 2.0 December, 2552 End of Human-Covenant war February, 2553 Requiem is discovered 2557 Master Chief Cortana Main Characters One of the few generation 2 Spartans (heavily armoured/enhanced footsoldiers) Master Chief (John, Spartan 117) has been awarded many times for his frequent success and strategy on the battlefield. In many of these situations his A.I (artificial intelligence) Cortana has given him helpful advice and directions on how to proceed. He was forcefully conscripted, like many other Spartans, into joining a special program that creates stronger, faster, and tougher soldiers to combat human rebellions and, eventually, the Covenant. Through Halo 1-3 he fought against Covenant forces to stop the rings fro being fired and in many cases prevailed, until the activation of a ring under construction which tore the Forward unto Dawn in half, and Master Chief was left to drift toward Requiem. Weapons Human Covenant Forerunner Human weapons are the stereotypical "guns" as you would expect, projectile weapons, rockets, and explosives like ordinary. Although many are simply rifles, there are some very unique choices for this section. Much of the Forerunner weaponry is composed of lethal weapons, converting light into solid enery able to be stored and fired. This is the newest addition and most interesting I would say, type of guns, for their multi-functional capacity and ability to disintegrate enemies. Many of the Covenant weapons are charged by a plasma battery and are for the most part plasma based and derive from the Forerunner technology. This is a very diverse section of choice with swords, rifles, fully automatic guns, and revolutionary technology. Conclusion Because of these factors, along with great producers that are dedicated and eager, the Halo franchise has drawn me to sincerely apreciate it and the work they have done for it. This particular series has continued for 10 years and, like he Forerunners, Bungie has passed the Mantel of responsibility to 343 Industries, and they have made this game flourish. I hope that this presentation has been useful and informative for you, and that you enjoyed it! Jaden Reimer Cortana is the Chief's A.I, given to him by Dr. Catharine Halsey, previous director of the Spartan program. She is an imprint of her voice/personality in a holographic body, her complection being of data streams. In many cases she has given Chief helpful advice on his foes and the current situation, although from the events of Halo 3 the Forward unto Dawn was ripped apart, Chief put into stasis, and left her to wait for something to happen. Being left on for that time has made her rampant, a malfunction in A.Is which usually occurs after seven years of use, for her it was eight. Another side goal of Master Chief is to find Doctor Halsey and possibly cure her. The Librarian As the Didact's wife, she plays a vital role in the series, and one of the main causes of humanity's continued existance. After the Humans were defeated by the Forerunners for attempting to stop the Flood by destroying the Forerunner planets infected, the Didact wanted to wipe out all Humanity, although the Librarian convinced him to spare them. She has always had a liking toward Humans and in Halo 4, as a holographic consciousness gives Master Chief the means to stop the Didact. Realising that her husband has gone insane from the war against the Flood, she wounded him and put him in stasis, trying to stop Master Chief from reawakening him in Halo 4. The Prophets of Truth, Regret, and Mercy are the figureheads of the Covenant. They have lead their group throughout their religious path to richeousness and ascention, when in fact they will lead themselves to their doom along with all the other species in the galaxy. The Elites were smart enough to recognise this and joined forces with the Humans to defeat them, and were successful at killing each propet, although not all by their own doing. This species is very thin and fragile, not prone to combat. San 'Shyuum
(Perfidia vermis) Mgalekgolo
(Ophis congregatio) Yanme'e
(Turpis rex) Sangheili
(Macto cognatus) This is a list of important dates and events. Halo Synopsis
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