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Untitled Prezi

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Pan Xu

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Europe UK Italy North America USA South America Oceania Australia Asia Diversification--40 Stocks from 10 Countries Worldwide South Korea Global Growth and Income Portfolio Management Xu Pan 620027456
Yadi Zeng 620026334
Yichen Zhang 600055362
Quang Vinh Doan 610051464 Growth and Income Undervalued companies

Statement valuation

Make an arbitrage. Dividend Investing: Growth Investing: Value Investing Investment Objectives Growing companies

high retention ratio & low dividend

compromising performance Mature companies

High dividend & stable performance

High resistance ability to significance changes in the whole economy. Investment Strategy meet expectations at a minimum risk level Feedback short term & long term investment environment

Top - down:
Country - Industry - Stocks 1. Balance risk attitude and expected return

2. Time horizon: 30 years

3. Constraints: exchange rate; tax feature; cash or liquidity needs; regulatory constraints; specific requirements Investor Policy Statement: Examination of current financial, economic, political, and social conditions: Construction of portfolio: Passive Portfolio Add opinion Black-Litterman model Investment Allocation Germany Brazil Hong Kong Singapore Tai Wan Countries Industries Companies Top-down approach 1. relative strong competitive position.
2. stable economic and social environment
3. strong linkage with global economy.
4.highly skilled and educated workforce. Country Allocation Sector Allocation Stock Allocation Country Aggregate Economy S&P 1200 Portfolio Sector performance Sector Performance S&P 1200 Portfolio VZ Stock Financial Performance Black-Litterman Model The value-weighted benchmatk portfolio is optimal and derive the expected returns of each asset. Incorporate investor opinions about expected returns of each assert. Combine market expectations and investor opinions to get an active portfolio weight Deposite in Bank of America 30-year treasury bond 1.Basic materials
6.Industrial Goods
7.Consumer goods
8.Utilities EQR CTL STARHUB DEQ.DE ANZ.AX SML CAPM Update information and adjust portfolio weights Performance and Evaluation Stocks and Portfolio

Time horizon :
28 - Jan -2013 to 8 - Feb - 2013

Benchmark :
50% Risk free assets+ 50% S&p 1200 Portfolio Evaluation Porfolio vs Benchmark Portfolio Evaluation Based on the Sharpe, Treynor, Alpha, Information and M2 models : Stock Performance PEST ANALYSIS BASED ON OBJECTIVE 1. POLITICAL
Jiang Feng 610059441
Praticsha Jeintilal 590017477
Thanh Tu Le 620032542
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