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Senior Project: Adoption

No description

Jack Montgomery

on 11 April 2014

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Transcript of Senior Project: Adoption

Adoptive Parents...Joy and Pain
egan as foster parents after unsuccessful attempts at preganancy. Did not intend to adopt but now feel they were led to it.

Feels that they are a different family but a blessed family.

Took many classes to become foster parents. Must go through many assessments to "parent"

Pain of seeing your child hurt because their "birth family" could not take care of them.

Running into birth family and the issues that it can bring up for the child.

The easiest part of Adoption is loving the child.

The hardest part is the working through the courts and the case (due to length of time)

Adoptee...Feelings and Facts
Learned about the adoption as soon as old enough to understand. Adoptive Parents very open about the adoption.

Never wanted to search for birth parents but would like to find older biological sibling.

Have nothing that belonged to biological family. Only knows some medical information on birth mother's side.

Feels that adoption was a blessing and has received the best family ever.

Adoption has provided a better opportunity and a chance at a better life, however, there is the loss of "birth" roots.
Adoption Worker...Not an easy job
Once Parental Rights are removed from biological parents, work with child and families to make sure it is a good match. Matching families and children are critical so that everyone in the family is successful.

Matching can be very hard. Must make sure that the child's needs are met by the proper family.

Lots of paperwork to finalize an adoption. Adoptive families must be assessed and approved. A child must live with a family for several months before an adoption can be finalized.

Hardest part is seeing the disappointment in a child when matches are done properly and the adoption does not work out and helping them bond with a new family.

Rewarding to see a child being able to connect with a family after losing their birth family, knowing that they will have opportunities by living in a safe and secure environment.
What Adoption Means to me now...
What adoption means to me now is that being adopted isn't that bad, cause it just means that the biological parents can't take care of you. It means they just don't have the means or the help. But theirs ways to see your biological parents through open adoption by writing letter, sending pictures, and also having visits and it gives the adoption parents time to meet the biological parents and let them know that their child is safe and say thank you to them.
My First Thoughts about Adoption
Statistics about Adoptions
Types of Adoptions
Famous People who have been Adopted
Adoption Agencies
Traditional Adoptions
Single Parent Adoptions
Foster to Adopt
Open and Closed Adoptions
Same Sex Adoptions
Step Parent Adoptions
Independent (Private) Adoptions
International Adoptions
Dave Thomas (Founder of Wendy's)
Faith Hill (Singer)
Maya Angelou (Poet and Writer)
John Lennon (Beatles)
Bill Clinton (President of USA)
Nelson Mandela (President of South Africa)
Michael Bay (Director of Transformers)
Steve Jobs (Founder of Apple)
Babe Ruth (Baseball Player)
In 2011, 32 % of children adopted by single parent or unmarried couples.

In 2010, over 2,400 children in NC were legally free for adoption.

In 2010, 62% of children were adopted by their foster parent and 33% were adopted by relatives.
Children's Home Society of North Carolina
Seven Homes Foster Care & Adoption Agency
International Christian Adoption Angency
Americaa's Adoptions
U.S. Adoption Agencies
Open Adoption Agency
Carolina Adoption Services
Nathanson North Carolina Homestudy Adoption Agency
NACAC Adoption Subsidy(North Carolina State Subsidy Profile)
Licensed Private Child-Placing Agencies in North Carolina NC Department of Health and Human Services- Divsion of Social Services
Your biological parents not being able to take care of you and
giving you to a loving family that has the means to take care of you.
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